Chime and strobe on Aerotec siren 6 not working

I can't believe how hard this is to do in HA. I have an Aeotec siren 6 and when I open a door I want the chime to sound and the light to flash once. In ST it was so easy. In HA it's a nightmare. Some have send me some instructions but still not working. I am using the Aeotec Siren 6 New driver and there is a setting called "chime light effect" but when I set it on it does not flash when a chime is signaled. It's broken. If I press strobe it fires and off turns it off but when I send chime sound 29 and press play with the chime light effect on all I get is the chime. Is the chime light effect broken in the driver ?

Mine works perfectly

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also stop making duplicate posts for the same device

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Absolutely useless response with no indication of how yours works fine. I'm very happy for you. So I guess this is how the community for hubitat? Let's hope you're not representative of the rest of the community.

Then have the moderator change the notice that says if someone doesn't answer you or give you a solution that works you can always ask us and repost. If you don't want it reposted then remove that notice. Again aren't you just delightful and so very helpful. I wonder if there's a block feature on this form lol found the mute option. Oh my mute function "works fine" haha

Yes I'm new to hubitat and must say so far I not very impressed. No Arlo support and no Nest support and no MyQ Garage Door or Ring support. No samsung watch app and I seem to find more everyday. The one thing I think this platform had going for it was the commands were executed locally but now that smart things is deploying edge perhaps staying on this platform is not a great idea. Especially with unfriendly and stupid comments like "well mine works fine".

So happy I found the mute button. :slight_smile:

I dont spoon feed babies either.... get a grip

You gave no info of what you tried or rules or anything else but I am suppose to use a magic 8 ball to guess.... right?? I could so say more but I won't.

Hahaha I have been in IT and technology for 38 years hardly a baby. I just integrated the two hubs using Mira and now I appear to have the best of both worlds. Also I note that ST has already added Matter and Thread but again Hubitat has it on your roadmap. I really thought that Hubitate Evolution C8 would blow the socks off of ST but cleary (at least at the moment) that does not appear to be the case. Hubitat does appear to be far more technical and offer much greater flexability. ST is more for the babies. After a day and emailing Aeotec and discussing Endpoints and varibles its kind of sad that something that is simple on ST is so difficult on Hubitat. I do think it has promise however saying "mine is working" says more about you than it does about Hubitat so I may still give it a try and just ignore sad commments from users like you. You once were new to Hubitat as well and you dont do much to advance the platform or share your knowlege so why do you even bother reading the posts on here becuase clearly you already know everything. One last thought, I guess the "Mute" function does not work on here either becuase I still received your message. You might want to look into fixing that as well. Have a nice weekend, I have wasted enough time even bothering to respond to you who are clearly a "TROLL" no further comments from me are needed as your not worth anymore of my time.

I deleted my post because when I re-read your original post - you have already tried what I was going to suggest. I don't use the feature (my unit is in the attic so I wouldn't see the light) but if I have a chance this week I will mess with it. I just use it as a doorbell. I'm using the same ("New") driver that you are.

Thank you very Much Eric. I am trying so very hard to leave ST and Mirgrate to Hubitat but there are so many things holding me back. My Arlo Cameras, Google Nest, The Aeotec Siren etc. The driver setup on ST is so easy. They give you the ability to select all 8 end points and chime flashes the light as its default. You then push the configuratin to the Siren and its done. CO2, Smoke, Chime, Emergecny all easy to set up. Why does Hubitat require you to have a programing degree. I hope they take a look at this and take some lessons on how it should be done

I will keep my Hubitat C8 but I have gone back to ST and am using Edge drivers that all run locally. Running locally used to be the major reason so many moved to Hubitat but now that ST has the same capability Hubitat has some serious work ahead if they want to compete. Also there is an app let lets me run my ST devices from my Samsung smart watch. I really expected more. I guess its still a work in progress. I will however keep it for now. I have both and upstairs and downstairs siren doing a chime and flash of the light whenever a key door is opened so no need to struggle I am good for now however thanks for your kind offer to help.

Now error 500 I returned it.

OK. Best of luck to you.