Cheap reliable motion sensors?

No clue.

Never used it.

But it looks like this home app addresses the issues with motion lighting by using scenes and such..

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Give it a try. The rules can do a lot that the Apple Home app cannot. It’s HomeKit itself where most of the real limitations come in.

Since you’re familiar with Home + 4, I’d be interested to learn your perspective on Eve without spending $15 US on Home+4 and the possibility of discovering that it doesn’t do anything that Eve cannot do for free.

I briefly looked at it.

Looks like it can do the same stuff. I wouldn’t spend the money. The GUI is obviously different.

Maybe make a post on reddit with somebody that has a lot more hands on with both.

One thing regarding HomeKit. I’m not sure it uses the Lutron telnet connection to turn lights on or off for Lutron Caseta. It may reach out to the cloud ?

Also, I don’t see any options to dim over a course of time.

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Yeah, I’m fairly certain it doesn’t use Telnet. That option has to be enabled in the Caséta Pro bridge, and it’s not even an option on the regular bridge. Not sure how they do it. I’ve never set up HomeKit on my Lutron pro bridge. I use Hubitat’s integration, but it wouldn’t be too hard to test. Might give new users that don’t want to invest in a Caséta Pro Bridge, at least some level of integration if they already had the required components for HomeKit automations.

I don’t recall setting up HomeKit for my Lutron Smart Bridge Pro2...but it works very well. I honestly don’t know how all of those devices just magically appeared on my iPhone. :wink::thinking: HomeKit does require the Newer Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge Pro2, IIRC. The original Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge Pro didn’t support HomeKit, correct?

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I have grown to prefer the Iris v3 sensors for the extra battery life even though the v2s are a smidge faster. You can also convert them to run off AC power, which I've done for one of mine. These fit nicely inside a C2 battery compartment:


Ah, thanks for clarification on that. I thought it was an option for the non-pro bridge too.

Always learning. :wink:

I think the 2nd gen non-Pro Smart Bridge supports HomeKit...doesn’t it? :thinking:

Update: yep, the Lutron L-BDG2-WH Smart Bridge supports HomeKit. As does the Lutron Caseta L-BDGPRO2-WH - SmartBridge Pro2.

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Found this thread as I'm also looking for an alternative to the Xiaomi sensors. I have a lot of them around the house (motion and window) that usually work well for a month and then automations either stop or slow down. I also have a number of IKEA Tradfri outlets to boost the network...
Needless to say the WAF is dropping!

I don't have any Apple kit so the hub isn't really an option so think I might give the ST ones a go, would this be the best option?

Iris V2's, I ordered these on eBay, took a couple of weeks, but so worth it!
Quick and stable :+1:

All mine did come with new CR2 batteries, even though it states batteries not included.


I too am looking for a unit that detects motion, humidity and Lux for my master bathroom. Currently have a Zooz 4 in 1 in my living room and use it for lux to turn on/off lights and it does pretty well.

Concerned that lux and humidity might not be fast enough for a bathroom so not sure what to get. Only need 1 at this time...

How does the zooz compare to the Monoprice 115902? Price is the same for the most part

The Aeotec Multi 6 seems a bit steep in price, not sure if they are worth the extra $$$

Cheers Roy.
Will give them a go myself!

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I’ve been using these for months now. They are reliable.

I haven’t had issues since I put in 4 repeaters throughout my house.

So far so good with the Iris sensors.. tempted to hey some more!

Do they do door window sensors too?

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Any reason not to go with the V3 versions?

Only asking as I got some of the V3 motions and so far they seem pretty good .... was considering some V3 contact sensors .... although I still have 20 odd Aqara to deploy ..... can never have toooo many sensors :slight_smile:

V3 sensors were made by a different company. I have always liked Centralite devices who made the Iris V2 devices. Thus my preference.

I have zero experience with the Iris v3 devices.

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We’re in the UK, sadly we can’t be too choosie :wink:

Hey, does anyone have a link to a good supplier of Contact Sensor Magnets that can be paired up with the Iris Door/Window sensors ??

I bought magnets on ebay that are very strong. I use 3m Command strips to mount them.

I think I use this size and shape...

Lots of others sellers, shapes, and sizes.