CHEAP! Osram Zigbee Bulbs Currently £43.60 for a pack of 4 b22D Classic Round, reduced from £131.99!


A reminder for everyone on 220v—these are HUE compatible, so you don’t need to worry about murking up your Hubitat Zigbee mesh if you put them on a hue bridge :slight_smile:

For US customers, the 4-pack is pretty typically this price, but they’re still adding Hue support.

Have you brought any yet? They say 2nd generation which "should" be the ZigBee 3.0 ones. The only way to know that though is that they have a QR code on the lamp.

Yes, ordered on Prime and had them delivered last night. I think the 2nd generation may refer to the Echo Show and Echo Plus with the built-in Zigbee hub.
Only had time to test one lamp yesterday evening. Connected to HE quite easily as a Zigbee lamp. There is no QR code on the lamp.

Balls, will cancel that order then. These don't last much more than a year and although better that the original lightify ones are still problematic.

I see. They do have a 'Manufacturer Warranty - A 2-Year Manufacturer’s warranty is included with the product when sold and dispatched by Amazon'. Hopefully they will last a bit longer than a year.
Out of interest, which bulbs would you suggest for purchase in the UK?

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I’ve RMA’d all 20-some of my bulbs. They sent new ones and the process was pretty easy. They replaced them with the newest models :slight_smile:

Love it when that happens! I just had something similar with SanDisk. "We're sorry but the product you are warrantying is not available. Would you mind an upgrade?" Well, no I wouldn't mind at all! :smiley:

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Right? Sandisk’s service has been great. The reason that I’ve stuck with OSRam is because of how great their support is. I’ll wait a year for Hue support in the U.S. knowing that.

It’s funny, because the reason I dumped Hue was because of how badly their service team treated me, and how hell-bent they seemed on not replacing bulbs that were still under warranty. It was ridiculous, and I’ll likely never go back to their lights as a result.

After I shipped my duds to OSRAM, a couple more died, and they didn’t even ask for those back, they just shipped extra replacements. Can’t vouch for then enough, even if they’re hit-or-miss for commands in their current state. I’ll just send the commands twice to make sure the bulbs hear :slight_smile:

Service is important to me...but not THAT important. :wink:

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Hahah I’ve got a custom driver for OSRAM bulbs that I’ve been testing that checks if the bulb is in the correct state from where it was last set, so it’s (fortunately) been smooth sailing until I get them on my hue network. I’ve still been bugging them for that old ZLL firmware...

Do you have the latest firmware on the bulbs? I found they behaved better once updated. They have also been rock solid since I moved them to a new hub. The mesh only has lighting traffic on it, no other chatter to confuse them.

I’m surprised you have had so many reliability issues. I’ve been running nine recessed lights for about three years without an issue. I also have a strip and a few A19s about that vintage. Most of my A19s and BR20s are newer with many less than a year old.

Once I sorted the mesh issue I’ve been very happy with the performance and price point.

Yup---I swapped them to ST in order to update. I'd even tried adding them to their own hub. Same issues. Nothing else on my mesh is affected --- just the A19 bulbs sometimes don't receive commands. I haven't done a terrible amount of digging into it, since my fix seems to work for now :slight_smile:

Which firmware are yours on? For $10/bulb, it's tough to beat the price on these.

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I haven't even had a reply from them :worried::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m not sure on the version. I have a couple of new devices I need to update. I’ll pair one of the A19s to check when I do update.

I do use the IKEA outlets as repeaters on my Sylvania mesh.

Oh no! What email did you try?

Can't remember now they buried it deep inside their website. I hate it when they do that :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: to me that's just a sign they don't want to deal with issues. What email did you use? I'm in the UK so probably why they are not interested.

Download, and fill out this form.

Then, send the form to the email address located on the form :slight_smile:

I will say---trying to find the correct email for someone at OSRAM/Lightify/Sylvania was the most difficult part. After I got this form, it was super easy.


Have you updated them all to the latest firmware? I don't have it written down but I'm pretty sure it is 0102425 (came out early last summer?). They still ship with the 0102100 or something close to that. I haven't had to send multiple commands to get them to respond in a long time. In fact, comparing them to the Sengled multi color bulbs I installed last week, the Sylvanias are more responsive and transition on/off and CT change much smoother. The Sengled bulbs have better color, but color temps aren't as nice; The soft and cool whites look right, but 2000K is meh (reddish-white) and I mostly use color bulbs for the wider CT range. I just wish Sylvania would fix the longevity issue that's probably a result of them getting as hot as the sun, because I haven't had any of the recessed lights or BR30 fail and they are going on 2 years. I have replaced all of my A19s under warranty (some twice) and you are correct that they are easy to deal with.

Doesn't the U.K. website state zigbee 3 for their bulbs now? Maybe you will get lucky and get an upgrade. I know it's an entirely different SOC. They said on their website that they couldn't update the current bulb firmware to zigbee 3, in case anyone is holding their breath (@adamkempenich), due to it being incompatible with the SOC used.

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