Charting Data

I've built myself a solar pool control system using a Zooz multi-relay, some SPDT relays for my valve actuators, etc. I hope to post a schematic soon.

Anyway, as part of this I have an air temp sensor and a water temp sensor.

Is there a way to get a graph or chart of temperatures and status of the relays? I'd love to be able to get an hourly reading from each temp sensor and the status of the relays. This will help me figure out under what ambient conditions the system performs well.

So, is there a way to get this data into excel or csv or something?

If you want a graph, try Hubigraphs. Also with it's long term storage feature, it saves the data in a file on the hub in a text format, I imagine that could be downloaded and put into a another file format.


If you don't mind running it externally you can also leverage something like InfluxDB and Graphana.