Changing user name for postings?

Does anyone know how to change the user name that is displayed for the forum posting (e.g., @username)? I couldn't find a way in the preferences.


Tagging @bobbyD as he can most likely assist you.

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Great! Thanks for the quick response.

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Try this: on the top menu bar for the forum, click the circle at the far right that is your user icon, then, in the drop-down menu, click your username on the top line, then, in the next menu, click preferences, then change the (optional) Name field.

Seems. Though, that doesn’t change the @username name, so easiest way might be to register a new forum account.

@cohoman Most forums frown upon opening multiple accounts for various reasons. I would do like ogiewon says, and see if BobbyD can just change the name. You might even message him privately with your old and new name.