Changing tile colours for each dashboard

This is my first post so please be kind :slight_smile:

First off thanks for the great work done so far!!

I have a question about dashboard configuration. I would like to have multiple dashboards with each having its own colour scheme (i.e. Kitchen - Yellow, Bathroom - Green, ...)

I would then like to have tile colours that fit the scheme, so a Light switch tile would have a different default colour for each dashboard.

When I see it, this is not possible as the Light tile configuration is defined by the template which is the same for all dashboards - am I correct here or am I missing something?

It looks like I have to use SharpTools to achieve what I want, correct?


The template settings are by dashboard, so what youโ€™re wanting to do is possible.

Thanks for the quick reply, that is perfect

Seems like I was over thinking things and should have just created the 2nd dashboard and tried it

:sunglasses: A cautious approach is not a bad thing most times...

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