Changing the wifi on the hubitat

Hi everyone.
Hi. I've just received my new Hc7 but I've connected it to the router & I can't undo this. My intention was to connect it to my deco m5 mesh system which has all my devices connected to it.
Because the HC7 is connected to my router I can't see any of my devices & I've tried the soft reset to see if I can refresh but coz I'm registered it only recognised the router settings.
Can anyone please help
Many thanks.

Have you tried network reset? This may help you.

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Hi & thanks for your msg. I have tried soft reset but it didnt help.
If i could just get the option to choose which network i want to connect too then i can sort it.

Have you tried network reset?


@user4203 Press the reset button on the bottom of the hub with a toothpic or paperclip for 7 seconds (it will be the only round hole out of all the square ones) This will reset your network settings. It will not reset your hub.

Hi ive tried this but o joy.

Try using this undocumented endpoint:

This might be an issue of double-NATting caused by a network configuration problem. I'm assuming from your description your deco mesh plugs into an ISP-supplied router and you originally had your hub plugged into that same ISP router? If not then I'm barking up the wrong tree.

Is your intention to connect the hub via wifi or plug it into one of the ethernet ports on one of the deco nodes, or leave it connected to your router and use it there?

Is your deco mesh operating in AP (or bridge) mode?


Hi & thanks for your msg. Your definitely not barking up the wrong tree.
Your assumption is spot on & thats exactly what ive done.
Funny enough the Hub is now working via the m5 after i did the dreaded thing of pulling the power cord out of the HC7.

My problem now is im not seeing my devices when trying to add.
What do i have to do to see all my devices? Also can i reconnect the HC7 via any of the m5 nodes or does it have to be connected to the ethernet connected first one?
Many thanks.

Are you using WiFi-connected end devices (light switches etc.)?

In general, they need to be on the same subnet as your hub to communicate with it.

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If you have your deco mesh plugged into your router and your deco is not in bridge (or AP) mode it creates a network misconfiguration known as double NATing. Essentially your router creates a private IP network for itself and anything plugged into it. But when you plug in your deco, it creates ANOTHER private IP network for anything plugged into it. In your typical home network the two private networks have trouble communicating with each other. The best way to resolve this is to switch your deco mesh network to AP or Bridge mode. This turns off the deco's private network and essentially makes one private network out of the two you have now. However, there's a downside. Depending on how your network is configured, the IP addresses of anything on the deco mesh will change, and any dhcp reservations will need to be recreated.

If you don't want to tackle the double NAT thing now, I'd suggest connecting your HE to your deco meshed network using one of the ethernet ports. That will likely change the hub's IP address and it will take a bit of finagling (along with a network reset as described above) to get it back,

Personally I'd bite the bullet, correct the network misconfiguration, get everything sorted, and then go back to HE and play with it, but that's your call.

Then to @marktheknife's point. HE and the stuff it connects to (in general, in most networks) need to all be on the same network/subnet. Getting rid of double NATing will resolve this issue, but if everything else in your house is on the deco network, so will simply moving HE and doing a network reset.


But wait, there's more!

Wifi devices present a bit of a challenge for home automation in general. Most wifi devices do not conform to any standard interface or messaging protocol at the application layer (yet) and many have no way of controlling them locally. Zigbee and Z-Wave devices generally do not suffer from these issues, which is why many of us use primarily zigbee and z-wave devices. That doesn't mean your wifi devices can't be integrated, it just limits your options.


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