Changing Mode name breaks rules

Hi, I am sure that this has been posted before, however I would like to reiterate. it would be nice (great, wonderful) if the code would update any rules that use Mode names to automatically update if a mode name is changed. Imagine using excel and the formulas did not automatically update - yuck.

Ok, just me posting as a Hubitat newbie.



What specific app are you using? If Rule Machine, where exactly in the rule? Apps do vary by this and can use either the "internal" mode ID (not easily visible to a user but will stay the same if the mode is renamed) or the mode name (that will stop working if the mode is re-named unless you re-configure the app--but it does allow you to create a new mode with the same name later and have everything fall back into place).

Either approach has advantages and disadvantages, but I think most really do use the mode ID -- so what you're suggesting should work (again, possibly depending on the app) aside from things like specific event subscriptions where the name is the value of the event and really has to be set that way.

Thanks for the reply - I was just using a simple rule. Once I changed a mode name, I noticed that the rule was blank for the field where the mode name was previously populated. Not a big deal, just a quirk.