Changing Colour Temperature with Movement

Hi Could you tell me if this is possible.

I want to set up some outside lights that will come on dusk til dawn set to Warm White and at a low level but when motion is detected go to Cool White and increase in brightness and then once motion has stopped go back to Warm White and reduce the brightness again.

Has anyone got any ideas on how I can achieve this?


You could use Rule Machine to do this. One rule would handle the dusk til dawn aspect, and another rule would handle the motion bright and back element, like this:

Trigger:  Motion Active
IF(Time between Sunrise and Sunset) Exit Rule
Set Color Temperature: Outside Light 6000
Wait for Motion Inactive
Set Color Temperature: Outside Light 2700

That may need some refinement depending on your motion sensor and its sensitivity and timing. For instance, you may want to bridge over very short periods of inactive. You would add before the Wait, Cancel Delayed Actions, and put a Cancellable Delay on the second Set Color Temperature, for instance a delay of a minute perhaps. This would leave the lights at the Cool White level until 1 minute after motion stops.

For some of us easily confused seniors (maybe just me) Shouldn't this line be if(time between sunrise and sunset) exit rule?

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Yep. My bad

Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go.

Thanks for your help.