Change Mode with Alexa w/o using RM

I want to change modes using Alexa command. But I would like to use only ON commands.
I have two modes

  • NormalMode
  • PartyMode

I would like to be able to.... "Alexa turn on PartyMode"
I would like to be able to.... "Alexa turn on NormalMode"

This configuration just seems more intuitive. If it turns out too complex I will just do PartyMode ON and PartyMode OFF.

I looked at Mode Manager and Virtual Switch(s).

If I make a virtual switch for each mode, when I switch modes I somehow have to turn off the other mode.

Perhaps defining the auto reset time of both virtual switches to something like 1s would solve that issue?

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I think the virtual switch method is the best way to do this. The rule should not be too difficult. As mentioned a virtual switch has a auto off function. So when the switch turns RM sets the mode. The switch then turns itself off in 1 second.

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Sounds workable, Thanks I'll give it a shot.

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I use virtual switches and 'Set mode with switches' in Mode manager to do this, without any need to use RM.


@UKMedia Did you set those switches up as 4+ individual virtual devices, or as a single 4-button virtual switch? Just curious (since many users strive to minimize the list of Devices in their Hubitat UI).

Four separate virtual devices of type Virtual contact with auto-off Switch (user)

Nice, the "Virtual Contact" makes even more sense, since you can (in theory) use those to trigger Routines over on Alexa (not that this is a likely use-case).

That's exactly how I use mine. e.g. I have an Alexa routine called 'Goodnight' which turns off the lights and uses one of these virtual switches to set the HE mode to 'Night'


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