Change Longitude / Latitude

I changed my Longitude/Latitude and saved the new values. Do I need to do anything like reboot to update my rules that use sunrise/sunset?

I'd check Hub Events in the Logs page like I think @brad5 may have been hinting at... If the Sunset / Sunrise settings appear there as a result, then that's a good sign. That said.... reboot never hurts... so may be a good thing for any number of reasons....

A reboot is unlikely to change anything. The rest depends on the specific app.

Anything that looks for exact sunrise or sunset should be OK because those are events generated by the platform, and the app can just subscribe to those events, so it will wake whenever the platform says they happen (which will be your new time).

Positive/later offsets from either should also be fine since the app can wake and just wait for some time after, but it does depend on that specific app (a developer could schedule something ahead of time for that was supposed to be that time, though I don't know any off the top of my head).

Negative offsets are more likely to be affected, since the app can't wait for the sunrise/sunset event, so something has to be scheduled based on a specific time. Some apps do this around midnight the day of, but this depends on the developer's choice. (I can't remember if Mode Manager is one; it used to be, but I'm thinking this got changed as part of some fixes a while back, and I can't remember how it works now...)

A reboot won't help with that. Going into the app and hitting "Done" would. But even that would also sort itself out in a day if it's the kind of app that does that last thing, which is the worst case I can think of.

tl;dr depends on what the developer did but rebooting is unlikely to affect anything. :slight_smile:

Thanks- it sounds like worse case in 24 hours things will all be using the new sunrise/sunset times.

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