Change Color over Time issue

I’m running the latest version of Hubitat Platform and I’m having an issue with change color over time function. Perhaps I did not understand how to use it, perhaps I found another bug…

Having my bedroom lights instantly turn on to wake me up, instead of fading is not pleasant at all. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Isn’t this supposed to work every time?

The RM app is defined as follows:

Logs if it helps from a while ago:

And yesterday:

Am I doing something wrong?

BTW, how I am supposed to stop the app when it starts running? I had to wait the lights reached 100%… Turning them off in the Hue app stopped them but Hubitat turned them on instantly.

Of course. You have only showed 2 minutes of logs for something that takes 20 minutes. So I'm not sure what is not happening that you think should be.

Also, it appears that the rule is being triggered twice. I'm not sure what this is about, why there is both mode Day and Casa mode Day:

As for stopping the rule, if you open it and hit Update Rule, that should stop it. Or you could introduce the option of a switch that stops the Fade Over Time action.

OK. I’ll explain…

On June 16th at 10am exactly the lights are set to level 1. Then 42 seconds later they jump to 73%. Is this a gradual increase over 20 minutes? There’s a reason I did not show the entire 20 minutes. The reason is the problem happens in the beginning. And, on this day the intensity of the lights changed as the logs show. In an unpredicable way…

On June 17th, over the course of two minutes and according to the log the light intensity does not change. Since this is early morning for me I have to trust the logs.

So, my question again is: am I using the function correctly?

Regarding the rule being triggered twice how does Hubitat manage the “Required Expression” and “Trigger Events” I used?

“Mode is Night” and “Mode becomes Day” only happens once atomically? Do I have to block a second execution using a Private Boolean for example? This is not clear in the documentation. I might have missed it though.