Change backup and reboot time

True story: I once tried to use a hammer as a screwdriver (pulling the screw out by its head instead of unscrewing it) and knocked myself unconscious when the head snapped off

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I can see both sides as long as expectation and reality lines up and they know it's not a dedicated alarm system and won't function as such.

I used the bottom of a cordless drill as a hammer once and pierced the battery. It caught on fire and nearly burned up my toolbox.


Totally. I'd just like it as optimal as possible within the unavoidable limitations.

On the alarm aspects try to keep your rules as simple as possible as to limit points of failure.

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Ditto. Maintenance != Backup

I believe we have all “saved 10 steps” and wasted $100.00 at the same time. And then said ****


Yikes! Makes sense after the fact, though... As most things do, I guess.

I expect you to side with a fellow Texan....

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Have you tried attaching a small steel plate to the bottom of your drill batteries?

For some odd reason, mine does its back up at 4:00pm. No, i didnt change it, just noticed that this morning.

Good idea but I really just need to use the right tool for the job. In that particular case I dropped the hammer and didn't feel like climbing down the ladder since I was almost done.

Is the time zone correct?

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