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Hi, my hubitat is dealing with all the motions sensors and window sensors for intrustion detection. There couldn't be a worse time for it to be taking itself down than 3am. And if everyone's hubitat is doing the same thing at the same time, then it won't be long before criminals get to know to wait till 3am before they break in anywhere lol. How do I change this to another time of day?

Oh I have just read more carefully - it doesn't reboot the hub I missed the "If you". All the same - why the inflexibility in such an otherwise flexible system?

I don't think Hubitat was ever designed as a security device, although you are correct about wanting to control your backup times. Users should be able to decide IF and WHEN a backup should be done. I imagine that it would be a simple change to allow it in the interface. It could default to the way it is now, just allow the choice.

On the other hand, I use my Hubitat for security too and have discovered other, much greater pitfalls than just the nightly backups. Again, not a Hubitat problem but more of a problem with zigbee and zwave network meshes in the way the work. All the self healing and zwave repairs is great for the general user but unless the user can control how those devices connect, it will never be a security solution. It can be an enhancement, just not a solution.

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Well leaving aside security, even if it was just to put a nightlight on when someone gets up for the bathroom in the night, you'd not want it suboptimally running just at the time they happened to get up, if that was important to you. I'd always want the option of being able to oversee an operation at the time it was happening if I wanted to check it was happening in a good way.

Good news if you are willing to invest in the upcoming Hub Protection Service. I am pretty sure that is referring to all nighttime maintenance but someone correct me if I am wrong.

Well, the 2am Hub Maintenance is required to keep the hub running well. During this time, the hub's internal database is pruned of old events, which would otherwise fill up the eMMC Flash drive of the hub, causing serious issues. So, I really don't believe it would be a good idea to allow users to choose to not perform routine hub maintenance. Also, since the hub creates an internal DB backup each night, it has this backup available should the database become corrupted due to a power failure. The hub can automatically detect if this occurs and is able to restore the last backup without the user having to do anything. This is much better than the alternative.

As for scheduling the 'when', I completely agree that it would be very nice for users to be able to control the timing of hub maintenance.


I read that as referring to the scheduling of the new (as yet unreleased) cloud backup service.


Ah I see, so it could be something they've been holding back as an encouragement to subscribe to the service.

I really don't think so. I agree with @aaiyar's comment above.

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While it would be nice to have, I'd rather they focus their efforts currently on the big issues at hand right now.

I might be dreaming this up, but I recall reading/hearing somewhere that the next platform version will include the ability to schedule the hub maintenance process.


Found It!! You aren't dreaming! I think I read same thing and assumed it was part of new service.


Thank you so much! I tried to find it and failed!!

It’s not a security device and thieves don’t know you have a Hubitat, most homes aren’t broken into while people are home. Nighttime thefts of closed businesses or outdoor thefts around your home is much more likely than a home invasion. That being said, you could probably change the time zone. Or you could post signs, “we double dog dare you to trespass 3-4 am”. Nobody is going to challenge a DDD.
But seriously- it’s not a scrutiny system, it’s a home assistant.

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Lol it's my security system - that and my little reolinks, and it's gonna have to do. No way am I going to pay the amount asked by those security system services!!!

Noonlight does ip based monitoring for about 10 bucks a month with an api interface so you can make just about anything an alarm now.


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But I can't afford the mobile-data failover router and sim, and since my phone line is so exposed any intruder would cut that before coming onto my property, anything that relies on communications outside my home would be useless - that's why I am using Hubitat having changed over from a system that seems overfond of cloud processing.

You would still have local processing of the alarm with the added benefit of remote monitoring assistance in case of an issue. A few years ago at my old house I had a guy kick in my front door around 2am. I was still up and pulled my 40 on him. He turned and bolted. Tried to run em down in my truck but he jumped a fence. By the time I got back I could hear the sirens coming was less than a minute. In none of that time did I have the time to make a call. It was a nice area but people from a nearby rougher part of town would frequently target that neighborhood. We have since moved.


Anyway it's moot since it doesn't work in the UK. And that's why I can't "pull my 40" either :D. Actually I don't think we have enough police to come out to house breakins any more either.

Well that’s all well and fine - until it isn’t. like using a car as a truck. Just because you can make it fit, doesn’t mean it’s the tool for the job and damage the car costing more than a day truck rental. anytime you use a screwdriver as a hammer the results may break something, not work correctly or have other unintended consequences. HA is a tool / toy of convenience and integration with a dedicated security system expands the scope.

Lol yea, guess you'll have to stick to butcher cleaver.

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