Change app name from code

I see that Rules manager can change the name (label?) of an App when the pause button is pressed. Can user apps do this as well? If so what is the code? I have an input for "label" and I tried app.updateSetting("label", "new label") but that didn't do it.

I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered but I couldn't find it in search.


I use


Thank you!

anyone have a link how to set the color for the paused/disabled text.. example ? is it just html

"<span style='color:red'>(Paused)</span>"


thanks ive tried that and a p and a font tag.. they all work but in the actual device list.. they show up like this

I doubt the device list does HTML. Apps List does for the name of the app.

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ya thanks.. thats what i figured.. just put it in without color for now.. it does do html in the actual device page.. but not the list.