Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Support [OUT OF DATE]

Thanks Guys!

The MyQ has the No Sensor option as well. Like I said, Hubitat just doesn't know if the door is opened from the wall button.

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is there an update code for this to work?

I have it working.

What is going on with yours?


Unexpected Error

An unexpected error has occurred trying to load the app. Check Logs for more information.

Error: Cannot invoke method latestValue() on null object

When I go through the setup, I get the above.

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Do you have the necessary drivers loaded as well as the app code?

What's the latest version for the app code and the driver code? I see something on my device that says I have an older version but I cannot find the new version code online.

could I get a updated link for the app and driver codes?

There is no "new" version.

Just checking without going threw this whole thread.

Does this allow you to open and close your door?


what is difference between thoward1234/ Hubitat-myQ and bdwilson/Hubitat-myQ?

I installed the thoward1234 version and it seems to work okay. It would be nice to be able to turn off DEBUG loggin.

If the latter is the "current" iteration, what is the migration path if I already installed the first? Will I have to adjust any automations?


If I don't have a contact sensor, will it report if the door is opened or not? Or do I need a contact sensor for this?

It will report if its opened by Hubitat and closed by Hubitat. But it will only reflect the true state of the door if you have a contact or tilt sensor. I highly recommend the sensor version. Unfortunately the only way to get the door's state from the MyQ app is to run a MyQ server type application locally that the opener connects to rather than the Chamberlain servers. I looked into this possibility but it is very hacky and not all that effective. The sensor version is a lot easier and more reliable.

Okay good to know.

I will eventually pick one up. As of right now I control my garage door with HomeKit and it works fine.

What would the benefit of having it under hubitat ?

You'd be able to integrate it with everything else you have in Hubitat. For example, arriving home you could open the door. Also, if the door is open for too long, you could automatically shut it. It's kind of a hard question to answer because the answer is in the question. The reason to integrate with Hubitat is that it's then integrated with Hubitat. Sorry.

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If your are using the MyQ GD via HomeKit you can integrate it back to Hubitat via Homebridge. Set up a virtual garage door/switch hybrid in HE. Expose it to iOS via Homebridge, it will show as a GD in Apple Home. In Apple Home app set up 4 automations: 1) for real GD opening open HE GD, 2) for real GD closing close HE GD, 3) for HE GD opening open real GD, 4) for HE GD closing close real GD.

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Sorry, don't understand your question. Migration path? Why change versions if it's working? There is no update as there are no new features to implement or bugs to fix. It works. Done.

What is the difference between thoward1234 and bdwilson versions?

Which is most recent?

Which is "better"?

If I already installed one, can I switch to the other without messing up my RM rules that use the door devices?