Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Support [OUT OF DATE]

Thanks Mike. Unfortunately the result is the same:

[app:2648]2018-09-09 18:49:39.504:errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method currentValue() on null object on line 473 (sensorHandler)

Maybe I am not understanding something, or perhaps there are some system functions that do not need to be declared, but I am seeing calls to these methods, but no corresponding method declared in the code:
line 276: getChildDevices() also on 415, 954
line 322: getChildDevice() also on 373, 374 , 468, 571, 581

The only method declared that is close is getChildDeviceID(). Are these typos? Or, Are they calls for a 'built-in' system function and are legitimate?


this is great stuff.. thanks for bringing it over.. If I read it correct, you must have a tilt sensor? If not, it will not work.. or is there a workaround? I get through the set up process and it fails.. here is what I get.. I just want to make sure I am not missing something obvious. The logs seems to indicate it is logging in to myq just fine. thanks!

MyQ Lite

Installation Details:

Garage Door Opener: problem creating door device (no-sensor type). Check your IDE to make sure the brbeaird : MyQ Garage Door Opener-NoSensor device handler is installed and published. 

Garage Door Opener: problem creating push button device. Check your IDE to make sure the smartthings : Momentary Button Tile device handler is installed and published. 

Your SmartApp version (3.0.0) is not the latest version (2.0.3)


I ended up with some errors too.

app:132018-09-11 21:42:02.347:errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method latestValue() on null object on line 477 (summary)

app:132018-09-11 21:42:02.322:debugError! Device type 'Momentary Button Tile' in namespace 'smartthings' not found

app:132018-09-11 21:42:02.316:debugError! Device type 'Momentary Button Tile' in namespace 'smartthings' not found

app:132018-09-11 21:42:02.304:debugError! Device type 'MyQ Garage Door Opener' in namespace 'brbeaird' not found

app:132018-09-11 21:42:02.295:debugCreating door with sensor

EDIT: Got it working. Had to edit the 2 lines of code mentioned earlier but didn't see.

It's working great for me now! I don't have a tilt sensor, but do have a z wave contact sensor I am using to let the app know when the door is open.

I haven't checked for errors. Tomorrow I will open live logging and see if I get any.

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Did you end up making the changes to the code or rewrite it?



Thank you for porting myQ from ST. Everything is working for me. The only problem I have is inability to use the garage opener in the event section(When this happens) of Alexa routines in order, for example, to create a notification in Alexa when garage door is opened. In the original ST implementation the garage opener is shown in the Alexa event section, but it is not shown in HE. Did you make any porting changes related to this or it's Alexa skill problem in HE?

Honestly, when we did the port, we did as few changes as possible to get it to work. I will take a look when I get home tonight...

Ok, thanks

Thomas, I finally got around to installing my new garage door opener and your code. Thank you for your efforts with the conversion of the app and driver. I did want to point out a few edits I had to make to the app code since I got errors during install.

  • You updated the namespace of the driver from "brbeaird" to "tchoward" but you didn't update all the addChildDevice() calls
  • I chose not to create push buttons and only the garage door and I got an error while the code was trying to add the child device with the namespace.
  • I update lines 350 and 363
  • I don't have any light devices but that code would need to be updated too with the proper namespace and driver code would need to be included

Thanks for detailing these changes, I was having the same issued until I updated per your post, then it worked.

Hi, just starting my migration from ST and am trying to get my GDs setup...after entering myChamberlain login details I only get 1/3 of my doors to show up. Any ideas on what to try? PS - I do have the homekit enabled myq hw.

Any chance you could update the code on your github repo soon? I'm having a hard time making the garage door to work with hubitat...

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I'm getting the following errors logged with this app:

I tried commenting out the notify part on line 1001 in the app code and then the error changed to this:

Just commented out lines 118 and 126 in the device code and the error disappeared. Not sure if this will have any downstream effects though. Thoughts?

Hot damn... I got it to work.. finally! My mistake was I neglected to create the device driver - myQdevice.groovy. What it was doing was logging into myq and getting the correct info but when it came time to create the virtual button it would error out. Once I installed the driver it was fine.

So here is what I did.. hopefully this can help someone..

Installed the myQAapp code as a user app. Installed the myqdevice as a custom driver in drivers code. I changed every instance of "brbeaird" to "tchoward" - which for me was lines 262,350,363. I also commented out commented out lines 118,126 of the driver code to get rid of the line 1001 error as mentioned by destructure00. I have not noticed any ill effects from it. However, I still have the null object error -

[error]java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method currentValue() on null object on line 477 (sensorHandler)

anyway, it seems to be working just fine and for now I will ignore the error as it does not seem to effect anything. Thanks to everyone that has posted their fixes!

How is yours setup? In ST I used an app that combined the tilt sensor and the relay I'm using so it was just one button I had to press and that button showed the state as well. Could also make some automation with it. Without that in HE I have two separate buttons I have to have on the dashboard and I've lost control via Alexa. Any suggestions?

Virtual Buttons and Rules are an amazing deal this month... :smiley:
10 for FREE, use as many times as you want. :smiley:

Create a Virtual Button (Virtual switch with Auto Off) and have it monitored in a Rule that pokes your two existing buttons and put the new one on your dashboard.

How would the virtual switch tile indicate open or closed if it's auto off?