Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Support [OUT OF DATE]

Once again, I really appreciate everyone's efforts who are working on getting MyQ to work again!!!

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I tossed my MyQ and I ended up creating a local solution for much cheaper. Grab a relay, a switch and your good to go. Only diff with my myq garage door is I had to solder in the relate to a remote to simulate the button press as you can't tie directly into the unit or the wall panel.

Works so much better and you have a lot more control over it. The only thing I miss out on was having a backup in case Hubitat is online. But myq was always giving me problems anyways.

Link with video below.

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I have a standard contact sensor for my doors and it still does not report status. This did work with the old app without issue.

First I recommend that you verify the batteries are good and that the contact sensor is reporting open/closed properly. Check the Live Logs for both the Contact Sensor and MyQ Lite to verify that the actions are being properly reported and received.

I have a MyQ hub from ~5 years ago. I leave it as a backup in case I can't access Hubitat. I use zigbee plug, a relay and a contact sensor to control my garage door (the same contact sensor that was used with the MyQ in Hubitat). You can get the plug and the relay for less than $30 put together.

This thread has all the details:

I've done the same. MyQ is a backup in case Hubitat is down. I use a Hubduino device as both contact sensor and garage door controller. Builds the combined Hubitat garage door device automatically.

This seems to work. Thank you.

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Hi everyone, I can't get this to work not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I used the latest version from 5 days ago without any luck. I have 4 garage doors, 3 of them are myQ openers with no sensors but the myQ app knows when they are opened or closed. The 4th one says myQ on it but it's a wall mounted one I've never been able to get to connect, so I just bought a myQ bridge for it the other day which came with a door sensor and added it to the myQ app that way, so all 4 doors show up now.

When I go through the plugin, it shows all 4 doors and asks if I want to create on/off push buttons so I tried both ways, but then when I press next it just says:


Installation Details:

There was a problem updating devices: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'deviceNetworkId' on null object. Line number: 655 Last successful step: Sensor Indexing

Did you install the momentary push button driver as well as the other drivers?

The sensor you got with the MyQ kit won't help get the door status linked to Hubitat. Hubitat will not know when the button is pressed locally that the door is open unless you pair a Hubitat sensor up with the app. The app is not able to poll the MyQ servers to know the status of the door. Your other doors are set up as "No sensor" version? If so, then if they are controlled outside of Hubitat, they will not show the correct status in Hubitat.

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I followed the one from here a day ago that someone else posted:

Ok here's what you do:

This is the new app

Install the new app as a new app.

This is the new driver

Install the new driver.

You will need to have a contact sensor that you use to monitor your Garage Door.


1. Add a new User app. Select MyQ Lite.
2. Enter your credentials.
3. Select your garage door opener from the drop down menu. Do not click on Advanced. Click Next.
4. Select the contact sensor for your garage door. Click Next.
5. Click Done.

But if the plugin won't show status even on the myQ doors that don't have a sensor on the door then I don't think this will work for me anyway as I wasn't looking to control the doors with it but just have the thermostat turn off the heat in the garage if the door is open for 5 minutes.


No it will not. It would be easier to just add a contact sensor to each door.

That's okay, I use HomeSeer as well as Hubitat and it works in HomeSeer and shows door status so can just keep using that to run this event and not a big deal. Thank you.

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Ok if you download the latest app code I think I have this fixed. It was a pretty simple change and now changes to the contact sensor show up in the opener. Also, I incorporated the latest changes from the SmartThings app in case there were any fixes in that.


Works for me! If I did a PR to enable/disable debug logging would you accept it since you're now the maintainer of the Hubitat code :slight_smile:

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A very small tip...if you were to put the raw github URL at the top of the drivers (in the comments), it would make updating much easier for users. Apps will store the URL used for import (so you just have to click import again) but drivers do not. You have to copy and paste each time. Makes it a lot simpler for users to update when you publish a new version.

Just so I'm clear, there's no current way to get around the requirement for a new tilt/contact sensor on the door. Right?

Thank you for working on this and getting it figured out! I can confirm it is working perfectly now!

PR sent for both Debug logging & ImportURL (for your repo).

I haven't received a PR?

Edit: Github was being stupid, it's now merged