Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Support [OUT OF DATE]

Okay....but the latest ST version isn't anything like the current Hubitat version. It was completely re-written.

Yup... Any particular reason you think that's a problem? I'm just taking the latest ST code and making it work.

I already have the app logging in, detecting my opener, and adding the device. I just don't have the open/close commands working.

Nice... glad I'm spending my Sunday evening helping out the community so I can be insulted. It was a legitimate question of why you thought that was a problem. Sorry I asked. I'll just get my door working.

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I have mine working through a different device now, so you're not helping me. And you question was both condescending and insulting. Have fun.

Sorry you took offense, none was intended. I just wanted to know if you had a reason to think I'd hit a road block based on the new code and the fact that you seemingly did some analysis that might have helped me save time... My bad for asking I guess...

Anyway, for the rest of the community, I have this working. I will have it up on github within an hour. It might have some bugs, I haven't done thorough testing, but it is opening and closing my door. As a note, I only added support for the sensor based door -- does anyone care about the non sensor option?


Alright folks, can you give GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-myq: Integrate SmartThings with MyQ a try? Again I only really tested the sensor version. I would recommend deleting your MyQ Device before running this, the code is very different. I think deleting the device first would be wise. This was a very quick and dirty port but it appears to be working for me.



Thanks for doing this. In addition to the app, which of these device drivers have to be installed?

  1. myq-garage-door-opener-nosensor.src
  2. myq-garage-door-opener.src
  3. myq-light-controller.src
  4. myq-lock-door.src


I only installed myq-garage-door-opener.src - that's the one you use if you have a tilt or contact sensor. If you don't, the nosensor one should be used. I have no idea what lock door is yet, that's new to the MyQ Lite. The light controller is only if you have a separate MyQ compatible light controller (separate from a garage door opener). So my guess is just myq-garage-door-opener

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Works really well! Nicely done!!

Appreciate your awesome contributions this Sunday afternoon! Cant wait to try it out!

Glad it's working for you. brbeaird really did the hard work figuring out how to make it work in ST. If anyone has any issues let me know, though I generally don't have much time to work on HE stuff during the week.

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I delete my MYQ device and installed the new driver and get this error??? Anyone know what this is??? Thanks

app:27412019-10-20 06:04:23.572 pm Bad Request on line 922 (prefListDevices)

app:27412019-10-20 06:04:16.154 pm Bad Request on line 922 (prefListDevices)

app:27412019-10-20 06:04:10.306 pm Bad Request on line 922 (prefListDevices)

--- Loading Past Logs... ---

You need to delete the old app and driver. And install both again. Looks like your driver is new and app is still old.

So it looks like this app is now broken? I upgraded to and the app no longer works.

I have gone so far as to delete the app, the user app, the device driver, and the devices it created - start from scratch. But now when I try to add the app I get the following:


Unexpected Error

An unexpected error has occurred trying to load the app. Check Logs for more information.

Error: Bad Request

And in the log it shows this:
2019-10-20 03:57:44.649 pm Bad Request on line 922 (prefListDevices)

Chamberlain updated the MyQ API; therefore the old app and driver no longer work. You need to delete the old app and driver, and install the new app and driver ported to Hubitat by @dman2306 and described in this post:

Ok, so can we get step-by-step to get things working again?

I deleted the previous devices, the app, the device, and added this new app - but get this error:


Installation Details:

There was a problem updating devices: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'deviceNetworkId' on null object. Line number: 655 Last successful step: Sensor Indexing

Ok here's what you do:

This is the new app

Install the new app as a new app.

This is the new driver

Install the new driver.

You will need to have a contact sensor that you use to monitor your Garage Door.


  1. Add a new User app. Select MyQ Lite.
  2. Enter your credentials.
  3. Select your garage door opener from the drop down menu. Do not click on Advanced. Click Next.
  4. Select the contact sensor for your garage door. Click Next.
  5. Click Done.

@aaiyar thanks for the help. I didn't install the new app but since I did now it working good. Thanks again

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You're welcome. But thanks should be directed to @dman2306 - for porting the ST app/DTH to Hubitat.

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@dman2306 Man, thank you for the effort. This has been driving me crazy!