Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Support [OUT OF DATE]

Interesting thoughts.

This Vera Plug-In doesn't require payment (and likely uses the same API approach as the one here):,24715.885.html

There's also an OpenHAB binding that maintains status just fine:

I haven't had opportunity to dig in to the Groovy language yet, so I don't have anything to contribute other than knowledge of these other sources. If nobody implements them before I get to that stage, I'll likely see what I can do.

The information is actually there in the json replies to use the myq sensors. The problem is that you have to keep polling the servers to get an update on the door. Some of the implementations use this.

Myq didn’t like this in the smartthings app because it put a lot of load on their servers so they asked them to disable it. It could also be that they also wanted to charge for this which I hate because the ifttt and Echo implementations were restricted on some features.

If you really wanted to and knew groovy you could get this working but I found it to be much more reliable if you used a separate sensor. The response time is a lot faster and more reliable as the sensor updates the hub as soon as a change is detected. Also it doesn’t put the extra strain on the hub to constantly poll the server for the status with http requests.

Currently I use the xiaomi tilt sensors and they are working perfectly for me since last year. I just stick them under the myq sensor.

The documentation on the OpenHab plugic has a polling rate of a minute max. That isn't fast enough response IMHO. I prefer the separate sensor approach.

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A minute really is enough if you're considering between requests. It could easily poll a bit more frequently (every 5sec) for a minute or so after a request is made to know whether it did go up or down.

The separate sensor is an interesting approach, but it seems like a waste of money on the sensor and future battery replacements, etc.

That's only if the request to open the door comes from openhab or hubitat. What if the local button is used to open the door instead? Hubitat wouldn't know that the door was open then at all.

Also, in terms of security, the garage door opener only knows if the opener was used to open the door. A contact sensor would also detect if the door was opened by using the chain release, which is the easiest way to defeat a garage door opener.

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Not for up to a minute, correct.

by the way....a zip tie solves this issue without sacrificing safety.

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When someone is breaking into my home. I want my system to alarm when it happens, which may hopefully scare them away. Instead of giving them 60 seconds to go through my garage/cars.

And in that case, you should probably have a separate sensor, one with supervision and more reliability than the MyQ system could ever give you.

I don't use my HA unit for an alarm. Just too many unknowns. I have a separate monitored alarm system that also has a sensor on the overhead garage door.

Depends. If you're using the MyQ Garage system, it knows the state of the door by a tilt sensor that looks almost identical to the tilt sensor installed by Vivint.

Just a note, it gives this message at the end of setting up:

Your SmartApp version (3.0.2) is not the latest version (2.1.9)

Your MyQ Door device version (2.2.5) is not the latest version (2.2.4)

Just ignore it. It's querying the original ST author's version check data.

No, it doesn't. I have a MyQ unit that has no tilt sensor.
Actually, I can't seem to find any myq unit that has a tilt sensor. Do you have a model number?

I’m guessing you’re talking about an opener with myq integrated. The myq add-on device uses tilt sensors.

You'll note I said "MyQ Garage" -- that's their product name for the "make a dumb garage door opener into a slightly smarter MyQ Internet-connected one" product.

And better than a product number. A product link:


That's the most recent incarnation of their connected opener. I just installed this on my two Chamberlain garage doors.
Even though my Chamberlain garage openers say they are "MyQ" on them, they still would need a special opener panel button to enable this feature. Buying two of these MYQ-G0301 and using the door sensors was the cheaper option.

I have a MyQ garage opener without the wifi signal symbol. When I did the Chamberlain compatibility check, it pointed me to the MYQ-GO301C. I balked at the price.

I did research and through Amazon reviews, I learned that my Chamberlain would work with a liftmaster gateway. I ebayed one for $17. With the MyQ app no tilt sensor is required. For habitat, I have one though.

Some have to use the new version but I'm not paying for that price if I can help it!

Chamberlain Group B730 Ultra-Quiet & Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup and Plus Lifting Power Blue

This is my garage opener and in the Q&A Chamberlain Support confirms it will work.

Looks like your garage door comes with the MyQ enabled wall button so yeah, the gateway is all you needed. In my case I would need to buy two of those buttons as well.

To the best of my knowledge at least. The whole MyQ system seems kind of randomly put together.

It is. I have an odd setup where the drive itself has MyQ, but the button on the wall is a regular ol' button. I could drop in a z-wave garage controller if I wanted.

I then have a LiftMaster 828LM MyQ bridge/gateway that connects to my network and gives me control of the door.

Hi all, I'm a recent convert from ST. I have my Craftsman MyQ working fine with ST and also with the Craftsman app. I recently installed the HE app and when I login I get "The username or password you entered is incorrect. Try again. "When I use the exact same login/password in ST or the Craftsman app it works fine so I don't think it is truly a login/password issue. The following is what appears in the logs when I turned on debugging. Anyone have any thoughts?

app:1002019-05-01 06:52:57.571 pm debugMyQ Lite: lightVersion: 1.0.1

app:1002019-05-01 06:52:57.568 pm debugMyQ Lite: doorNoSensorVersion: 1.1.8

app:1002019-05-01 06:52:57.565 pm debugMyQ Lite: doorVersion: 2.2.4

app:1002019-05-01 06:52:57.563 pm debugMyQ Lite: latestVersion: 2.1.9

app:1002019-05-01 06:52:57.560 pm debugMyQ Lite: installedVersion: 3.0.2

app:1002019-05-01 06:52:57.557 pm debugMyQ Lite: previousVersion: 3.0.2

app:1002019-05-01 06:52:57.311 pm debugMyQ Lite: a: false

app:1002019-05-01 06:52:57.307 pm debugMyQ Lite: got login response: : null :: 200

--- Live Log Started, waiting for events ---