Centralite ZigbeeNight Light Repeater (3420)

So I got this Zigbee nightlight. It pairs as a generic Zigbee Bulb. It has a built in battery to allow it to function as a zigbee repeater in a power failure, and a light which comes on in the event of a power failure. What I had hoped to use this for was to get a notification of a power failure incident, but I can't figure out a way to make this happen. Anyone have any ideas?

You would have to develop a custom driver for the device in order to expose other functions.

Nice little device there. Hopefully @mike.maxwell has it on his radar. Otherwise you would probably have to build a driver to get all the functionality out of this bad boy. Also take a look at the ST forums. Someone over there may have already created a driver you can port over.

It appears that RBoy may have written one for ST.

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I can't find it for sale. Where did you purchase and first how much?

I saw a couple on eBay and it appeared it was available from Arrow Electronics (https://www.arrow.com/en/products/3420/centralite-systems-inc).

Between US $42 and $46 . . .


Yeah, I followed the links from Rboy's post. I was hoping for a sub $30 price point. The device also does not support changing the light colors via zigbee....only on/off and brightness. I was hoping to use this as a repeater and notification light combo but it's not for me.

@Eric.C.Miller Well by the link you posted, it specifically says "power outage signaling". I'm not sure exactly what that means though. It does, when you unplug it, flash red a few times, then a plain white light automatically comes on. When the power returns, it defaults to it's previous state. It's actually kind of a neat device, and the battery is user replaceable- quite easily.

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