Centralite Pearl Thermostat


I would use the newer file then...it's possible I had made some changes!


Does anyone??? @denise.grider consider any of the Centralite Pearl drivers Golden at this point? I am still using the generic and would like to add the HOLD functionality as well. Please let me know what you think. Appreciate it in advance!


I have been using the latest driver that I posted Jun '18 and have had no problems. I never did put in the change that Josh recommended, but if you need it, it is easy to do based on his instructions.


That's all I needed to hear...Thank you very much. TGIF and Have a GREAT weekend!


I just loaded it. VERY SLICK! Nice Work!!


Thank you! :smiley:


Does the Hubitat see the Hold status changes made at the thermostat device? I have still not seen this work.


Curious about the need for "hold" . I have a Pearl, I've not programmed the tstat with any schedule. I set the temperatures from Hubitat. Those temperatures remain until I or HE changes them. Is your usage different?


Yes it does, upon the Thermostat refreshing.


In my case, I have a schedule in Thermostat Scheduler that forces the auxiliary on right before bedtime to warm up the bedrooms. I use HOLD to not crank it to that Auxiliary temp if the temp in the bedrooms is already at a decent temperature. We're in NC and the weather around here has been fricken WHACKY the last few weeks with night time swings 30 on one day and 55 the next. The HOLD coupled with my Keen Vents have been a great combination with keeping 'happy sleep temperatures' for the family.


I also have a use case: we typically keep the thermostat at 62 at night via the Thermostat Scheduler. We have the grandkids over and I sleep in the den with our granddaughter, and it is colder in there than in our bedroom. Rather than have to change the Thermostat Scheduler or get up and set the thermostat once it is changed to 62, we can just set the temperature we want and put it on hold.


Thanks to both of you. My curiosity is quenched :slight_smile:

It just reminds me of how archaic thermostat systems are. And how dynamic heating (and cooling) needs are.



For myself it's a matter of creating as little need for retraining as possible for folks who aren't interested. Trying to recreate our old dumb-thermostat experience. Of course, i haven't accomplished this, so, yeah ... [shrug]


Thank you for this custom driver, I can now hold my thermostat via the Hubitat Thermostat Schedule App. However when I initiate the HOLD at the thermostat it's not reflected in the app, even after refreshing. I see this is working for others, could I possibly have to repair and/or reboot the thermostat?


I think the hold in the Thermostat Scheduler app is independent of the hold at the thermostat. If you check the thermostat's device page, you should see the hold reflected there. The thermostat device driver will not change the temperature if hold is set, so the hold functionality of the Thermostat Scheduler app is not necessary.


Thank you, I'll check that out tonight!


Here's a goofball/rookie question for you. Is there a way to connect a virtual switch or similar to the Tstat's Hold function, as compared to opening the device and clicking its setThermostatHoldMode button? I am having a major braincramp on figuring this one out.


What are you trying to do?

We only use the hold button on the thermostat itself, but you can use the RM custom commands to call any routine that is exposed by the driver.


Yep...there it was...in the custom commands. See...BRAINCRAMP! Thank you very much!


Quick question Mike, is the "Swing Value" for temperature exposed? I have 2 Pearl's set up in ST and there's no way to adjust the number of degrees in their app/DH. I haven't moved the thermostats over to HE yet, was just wondering. My stats tend to over/under shoot the set temp more than I would like. Thanks, -Joel