Centralite Pearl oddity

So... I have centralite pearl thermostat and every once in a while,1 out of 20, when I go from fan on to fan auto, the thermostat state does not change state from fan on to idle. Following @mike.maxwell Question to hit refresh, here are the results. It is now in an unknown state.

I have a work around to the original issue, but any ideas for root causing the issue

If you can possibly have the driver with debug logging enabled when this happens I should be able to see what unknown is supposed to be and get that mapped over to whatever it's supposed to be...

Is there anyway to extend the debug log for over 30 min or turn on debit log programmitically?

No, but presumably when clicking refresh and the operating state comes back as unknown, you could enable debug logging at that point, then hit refresh again, im guessing it will still return unknown right?

Yeah, I can do that, I was refreshing using RM before.

Here you go!

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