Centralite Pearl - Anyone have?

Love the thermostat - but does anyone know how to make the display stay on all the time?

Currently you have to touch the screen to get it to come and and see the numbers.

I believe you have to have power from the C wire for it to keep the display on all the time.


Old thread I know, but if anyone else is looking for this info, in Setup Mode on the thermostat there is a setting for "idle Brightness". Set that up to whatever level you would like the brightness to be when it's not actively being touched.

NOTE: Even if you set the brightness all the way up, it still requires you to touch the controls once before it will respond to a touch to set anything. I'd say poor design, but I guess it does prevent accidental changes.

I just ordered two from Amazon as they have them for $35. Looking to trash my Honeywell WIFI thermostat. I use the Thermostat Controller & Thermostat Scheduler apps with HE so hopefully these are a good fit.

They are. I'm using the Thermostat Controller with it and it works great.

It's not a 'pretty' unit, but I replaced an Ecobee, that had replaced a Nest and it's been the best one yet. Rock solid control from HE without fear of the cloud. Highly recommended!!! I have rules that constantly change the desired temperature on the unit and I haven't seen it miss one in over a year of being used.

I had one of these. If you search the forum, you'll find the problem details I had with it.

I put it in the garage. And when the temp dropped too low, there was a bug where it thought the temp was 180f or so, and the heater wouldn't turn on. The display indicated the right temp, but when you joined it to Hubitat it showed you the real temp it thought it was seeing. If your power goes out and the temp drops too low in your house, the furnace will not turn back on. I went through like 3 of them, all with the same problem. I switched it out with a dumb thermostat for now, but will be replacing that with an Ecobee.

I do not trust this thermostat at all. Centralite finally refunded my money. I would not buy this thermostat until they fix the problem... which they didn't have the right environment to recreate apparently. Even though all they needed to do was toss it into a freezer. They were unconcerned with the problem.