Centralite 3328-G motion sensor can't add

I have migrated from the world of Wink. So far, the transition has been pretty easy. I think I have all of my powered switches/plugs added. I have maybe 5-8 (?) Centralite Zigbee micro-motion sensors I'd like to add to HE.
I did a factory reset on two of them by popping the battery, hold the reset button, add the battery back. The light changes red on the motion detector. (Replaced with new batteries).
I have rebooted, powered off my HE. Clicked on Devices->add->Zigbee.
Popped battery, plugged back in. Centralite shows a green light. (Instructions for pairing talk about removing a strip from the battery for a new device - these are a few years old and had dead batteries until this afternoon. I'm assuming opening the battery compartment, closing it does the same).
I am not seeing anything during pairing mode. I have the motion sensors about 6 inches away from the HE.
I've paired other sensors (two Zooz - these are Zigbee as well and a few GE z-wave motion sensors).

Some of the centralite sensors don't reset unless the button is released before the led goes out.
I generally pull the battery after the reset, put the hub in join mode, then put the battery back in the sensor.
They should be flashing blue when they have been reset and are ready to join.


Thanks for the tip - that did the trick. I've got two paired. Now I need to remember where I put my other ones...

Thanks for covering this - by paying attention to the detailed sequence of battery removal/install and button pushing I got my Centralite 3328-G to pair on the first try.

I did notice that while the default Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor was chosen, and the log showed a temperature and initial motion detection - as well as the ability to calibrate with a temperature offset, nice! - I was wondering: might there ben an even more specific driver tailored to this device?

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