Centralite 3320-L

Hey all,

I have a Centralite 3320-L that I installed in Dec 2018, battery reported 100%, test OK, tested a few more times since then, working fine.

Today during my test it didn't respond so I pulled the battery, checked at 3.0 volts, installed new, device now works

My issue is, not a single battery report since Dec until today at 9:25 and it was 87%.
I have a few others that are also not reporting but once in the last 30 days and another not in months.

Anyone know why these devices are not reporting battery level at least daily?
All devices are reporting temp 5 or more times per day

Using the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor driver

Thanks in advance

Are you looking at the device “events” to know whether or not a battery report was sent? If so, I believe Hubitat will only create a new event if the reported value has changed. Therefore, if these devices have been sending the same value over and over again for months, it may appear as a single event in the device’s event history list.

Just a hypothesis.

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Yes in the device events

Interesting so one of my devices has only reported one battery level since March, at this rate, the battery should be added to my will

I enabled Decriptive Logging and Debug Logging on one of my Iris v2 Motion Sensors, and then sent Refresh and Configure commands to it. In my live logs I can see where a new battery report was sent to the hub, but as expected no new event was created since the value had not changed.

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