Centralite 3-Series Keypads for sale on Vera website


@woodsy So you've lost all use of your XHK1-UE keypad now? I never got mine to work properly in Hubitat like I did Smartthings.


I pulled the batteries and re-initialized it, it now works with the exception of the motion. (and how do you get it to shut up "programaticaly"?) over all working as it did before, and it now beeps. The motion does not show in HE. I do not want to use it as a HSM trigger, just that someone is at the keypad. The driver seems so close, but I do not expect that the gurus here will support it, there was a comment about (paraphrase) "not tied" to a specific system. Understood, as these are xFinity keypads, and likely not available for general purchase.


Take a look at this app - custom driver for the xfinity keypad. In limited testing I have it now working without issue: