Centralite 3-Series Keypads for sale on Vera website

If you don't mind paying an arm and leg... :smiley:


that is pretty much the going rate for new keypads, get them while supplies last...

I bought two based upon your recommendation :wink: . I'd like to be able to set armed home and armed night separately too.

There are some issues currently with the centraLite driver for these keypads related to the sounds they generate, I'm working through them now, these will be out in 2.0.9, just an FYI


@mike.maxwell, will the Centralite driver also support siren? I noticed when I removed the Iris keypads and installed the Centralite keypads, I couldn't set the Centralite keypads to siren on intrusion like I could with the Iris keypads.

I've been on the fence about a keypad but dang they are hard to find so I snagged a couple of these.

I've had mine for about a week now and they are great! They even do a slow and then fast exit countdown beep. The only thing I'm not crazy about is that to arm you have to press the proper arming button and then your code. I don't yet know if there is a way to disable that. But we mostly arm using HSM so it's not a huge deal.

I just installed one today, so still experimenting... I did notice this exclusion in RM. The built in driver seems to ack the existence.

experimenting, I cannot get mine to make a peep. Centralite UHK1-UE (xfinity)

Picture?, don't recognize that part number...

OOPS, XHK1-UE per the battery compartment.! sorry

These are the keypads we support.

So close to the Centralite 3400. Almost works. Looking forward to when it does.

There are no plans to support this keypad.

Bummer, I see them regularly, at $0 cost.

What would it take to get support for this keypad? This was definitely my best keypad back when I was using Smartthings with the RBoy apps. I had it partly working in Hubitat before the keypad drivers were split. If I sent you one would you consider taking a look?

We already support the centralite line of keypads.

@mike.maxwell sorry, there were two different keypads discussed here. I was referring to the one you said there weren't plans to support - the XHK1-UE

Right, nothing has changed.

Two weeks later, one major revision to the driver and HE, I have lost all but the ability to beep the Centalite XHK1-UE. Bummer. (It did not beep prior, but the "arm" aspect worked, as did it as a motion sensor.) I found another one. Got to love the cost.