CEL Zigbee range extender

Can you please create a driver for this? I bought a CEL Cortet Z10 Zigbee Range Extender. It added as a ST Presence Sensor v2.


Please try out the Ikea Zigbee repeater driver, let me know how it works, in general repeaters do not specific drivers as joining the hub is all they need to perform their functions.


Mike, it’s working great. It shows up on getChildAndRouteInfo and has picked up several devices.

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Where did you buy the CEL repeater?

eBay. I got a box of 4 new for $40.

I don’t see any others for sale. Maybe you can do a saved search for some key words and wait for something to pop up. Sorry I don’t have a link for a recurring sale.

There are some Centralite 3420’s for sale on eBay. @mike.maxwell might know if they would work with HE. They are a repeater and a night light combo.