Cast-web porting help - SOLVED


It can't be turned off for GH, GH mini or any of the speakers with built in Google Assistant. The "cast tone" can only be turned off for Chromecast audio.


Has anyone actually gotten the speak text or speak or anything TTS other than broadcast to all devices to work? I keep getting an error in cast-web. It was working a while ago but seems to have died all of a sudden.


Is working for me. I use the hubitat tts though not googles.


Yeah, I'm trying to do the same. I keep getting:
dev:5302018-11-16 08:49:23.876 pm errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: dev1542343491814217809674.textToSpeech() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String, java.lang.Boolean) values: [Testing, true] on line 357 (speak)

I'm not trying to broadcast to all devices, only send TTS to one through the speak command, which i was always able to do (and still can) in ST.


Ah yes I had to modify a line in the driver to make it work.. Give me a few I will post.


Looks like this is what I did - shows as line 412-420 in my ide. Just modified that last return line.

   def speak(phrase, resume = false) {
        if(settings.googleTTS && settings.googleTTSLanguage){
            if(settings.googleTTS==true) {
                return playTrack( phrase, 0, 0, true, settings.googleTTSLanguage )
        //return playTrack( speak(phrase, true).uri, 0, 0, true )
        return playTrack( textToSpeech(phrase).uri, 0, 0, true )


Okay..."phrase,true" changed to "phrase".

That did it!!! Thank you!!!! :+1:

And on a side note, what is the TTS engine? Some of these voices are F-ing creepy!!!


sticks to my motto - whatever works :slight_smile:


I think hubitat uses the amazon Polly tts or some such. Quite the variety. I like the British guy Brian...


Thanks all, got this running with the edits


+1 from me.
I'd be very happy to see TTS added in your Rev 1 if it'd work with a Home Mini.


Not sure how I missed this but that's ALL I want. I personally don't play music a lot and if I do it's through the stereo which I don't care about notifications. This would be a very welcome addition for me!!!