Caseta Fan Control and Echo Problem

I integrated my Lutron Caseta Pro Bridge with HE. Then I installed the HE Amazon Echo Skill to expose my Caséta devices to Alexa/Echo.

Now, Alexa is able to control the dimmers and light switches fine, but there is an issue with my two Caseta fan controls. When I tell Alexa to turn the fan on or off, all is well. When I tell Alexa to change the fan speed, it works, but then she will nevertheless tell me the device is unresponsive.

If I look at the device on the Alexa app, when I turn the fan on or of I see a brief, momentary message “Waiting for Hubitat” and it works fine. But when I adjust the speed of the fan, although the speed does actually change, the message “Waiting for Hubitat” is not momentary, but remains for a length of the time and then speed reported by Alexa is zero. But the fan is actually running at the correct speed.

Apparently Hubitat/Lutron is receiving the message to adjust the fan speed, and is doing so, but then there is a problem with Alexa not hearing back from Hubitat/Lutron that the fan speed has in fact been changed. So it seems to be a communication issue.

I tried deleting the two fan control devices from Alexa and reinstalling, but I have the same problem with both fan controls.

Is there anyone else having this issue?
Any suggestions?

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I do not believe true fan control has been fully implemented in the Hubitat Alexa Skill. Have you tried integrating the Lutron Caseta devices directly with Alexa, bypassing Hubitat for voice control. There is no reason you have to use Hubitat to expose the Lutron devices to Alexa. I believe the devices will still be properly updated in Hubitat via the LAN Telnet connection. I haven’t tried it yet, it would be great if you could let us know if this works.

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I was hoping YOU could try it, and let me know if it works! :smile:

I'm a little concerned if I remove the fan controls from the Alexa Skill, then when I try to connect them directly to Alexa, Alexa will bring ALL of my other Lutron devices over, creating a bunch a duplicates.

If I'm going to remove the two fan controls from the Alexa Skill, should I go ahead and remove all of the Caseta devices?

I don't really understand what the Alexa Skill gives me relative to the Lutron Caseta devices. Do I need to use the Alexa Skill for any of my Caseta devices? Should I just use the Alexa Skill for my non-Lutron devices?

I have the exact same concerns as you!

I have not tried the Lutron Alexa Skill yet. I am guessing it will bring over every Lutron device and I’d rather not end up with duplicates! :wink:

Not sure why people are having this "not responding" feedback so much. I've had it on occasion, but in general I don't get it, and it has not been happening lately at all.

In regard to the Caseta Fan and Alexa...It wasn't doing what I wanted, so I created Alexa routines for each of the speeds, because I knew our phrasing would not vary for the fan. That has worked perfectly.

I linked my Lutron account directly to Alexa rather than through Hubitat. No issues with devices being out of sync, and I’m pretty sure Alexa discovered all of my Caseta devices without the option to select which ones to add.

I do semi-regularly run into the “not responding” response from Alexa only for Hubitat devices, never for Lutron devices.


Will I lose any functionality if I integrate all of my Lutron devices directly with Alexa, and not through the HE Amazon Alexa Skill?

I’m new to this, so please forgive my lack of understanding.

That's a great question... I can't really think what you'd lose as I believe the Lutron devices will still update Hubitat nearly instantly via the Lutron Integrator. Obviously, the names you may have assigned manually within Hubitat may not match what you have in the Lutron mobile app. It would be good to make them match to avoid confusion between the two systems.

I know originally Hubitat's Alexa Skill intentionally EXCLUDED Philips Hue bridge attached lights from being presented to Amazon. The thought was that most users already have their Philips Hue devices connected to Alexa via the Philips Hue Skill. Some users wanted to have everything routed through Hubitat due to the delay in the Hue bridge updating Hubitat being too long due to polling. With Lutron, those updates are instantaneous.

So, I'd say GO FOR IT! And please let us all know what you find out. :wink:

Yeah I can’t think of any major downsides to linking Alexa directly with Lutron instead of through Hubitat. As @ogiewon said, the lutron bridge sends an update to hubitat pretty much instantaneously with any change in device state.

I wondered if the problem was due to the "Lutron Fan Control" driver. Under the settings "set speed" it shows the settings "Low, Medium-Low, Medium, Medium-High, High". That's one more than a lutron fan controller is capable of, there is no Medium-Low setting on the lutron app, only 4 settings.

If you request ‘med-low’, the driver automatically goes to ‘medium’

If i say that to echo it says "I don't know how to set it to that setting" I've found the only way it works if I say set to 25%,50%,75%,100%.

Just create 4 Alexa Routines in the Alexa mobile app, so you can use whatever voice phrases you’d like to set each speed.

Alexa, first gear. (Set dimmer to 25%)

Alexa, second gear. (Set dimmer to 50%)


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So I removed all of my Lutron Caseta devices from the HE Alexa Skill. Then I linked my my lutron account directly to Alexa.

It works perfectly. No more Alexa saying the device is not responding! :grinning:

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That’s great news. Thanks for the feedback.

Okay I just installed my first Lutron Fan Control Switch. So far I love it. I am having the "feedback" problem with Alexa getting response from HE about the status of the switch just as mentioned above. My opinion is that it defeats the purpose of "local control", which I highly value, in my HE setup to expose my Lutron Pro hub to Alexa directly. That was one of the appeals to the HE/Lutron integration platform implementation. I use Alexa for Alexa stuff and voice control only. I don't want to have it "control" my Lutron devices directly other than through HE. The functionality is there for control with no problem, it just seems that Alexa is not getting the proper feedback to know that what you asked her to do has in fact been done. How is it that when you set a existing Lutron switch (manually or digitally), HE gets the message and updates the dashboard and Alexa that it completed. Why can't that work the same way with the fan control switch? Am I missing something?

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