Caseta: do you feel the elv dimmers are worth an extra $70 for the middle button?

Caseta: do you feel the elv dimmers are worth an extra $70 for the middle button?

No, I do not. All of my Caseta dimmers are the lower cost ones. The ELV dimmer is compatible with some additional types of electrical lighting loads, so I can understand using it in those situations.

The middle “favorite” button would be nice, but since pretty much all of my lighting is automated, the lights already come on at the correct dim level.


I’ll second that. :point_up:

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It's worth it if you need the ELV part. You don't buy an ELV dimmer for the middle button.


Yep, this. It's worth it for ELV, this middle button is just a nice bonus.


ELV is a new acronym to me…. Curious as to what it means!

Instead of my own non-expert, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night attempt at an answer, here's a doc from Luton with the gory details... Section 1.2 is most relevant.

3683586_Challenges_of_Dimming_Whitepaper.pdf (


I did.

I bought a few of them because of the center button for two reasons: the added “preset” the button gives you (same as the pico buttons, I like that), and the assumption that the raised button would give me a tactile positioning point to help locate the proper dimming button (it did not).

I have large hands (and fingers) and I find the tiny buttons less than ideal. I wish they made a paddle switch Caseta dimmer, I’ve considered making raised edge covers to stick to the buttons to give them a better tactile feel.

And, I agree, they weren’t worth the extra cost.


I have installed the PRO series Caseta virtually throughout my entire home. I had a few of the lesser expensive retail dimmers before, but when I decided to get serious about more advanced "whole home" type automation, I opted to spend the extra money. Do I need them now? Not entirely. I do know that it will cost a lot more money if I choose different lighting later and need to upgrade them.

One thing I wanted is use fixtures in the basement with 0-10V dimming capability. Not because I "wanted" the 0-10V dimming technology, but because I really liked the style of fixture and it was the only option. I didn't want to lose Echo voice control and integration with HE. Using the PRO series Caseta dimmer, it is compatible with the Lutron GRX-TVI. This provides the correct dimming signal and I don't lose all the other benefits I have with Caseta.

Having said all this, it was a very expensive choice since the PRO series products, along with the addition of the GRX-TVI didn't come cheap. The choice really is all about what you have and what you think you "may" want to install (for lighting) later. I, also, did not purchase these for the preset button alone. It's just a nice extra.

If one is considering using using the PD-5NE as their primary dimmer then one should investigate RadioRA 2. The difference in list price is high. But the ending price difference will be much lower as dealers will compete for your RadioRA 2 business.


Electronic Low Voltage. Low voltage lights with an electronic transformer in the fixture. Normal dimmers produce unexpected results. Common in under-the-cabinet kitchen lights and similar places. If you have a strip of lights that plug into 120v but the bulbs are actually 12v, that's what you have!


I replaced three existing PD-6WCL-WH-R switches in my kitchen with the PD-5NE-WH (ELV) just to get the favorite center button but picked up a 3 pack for $180 on ebay.

One of them hooked to my under counter LED lights also goes dimmer with no flicker than the 6WCL did.

I gave the old switches to my son to use as simple (programmable) dimmers in his new house.

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