Cases for ...things. (Zen31)

What do people do to encase devices like relays that might not come with a case?

Specifically I have a couple Zooz Zen31's, and i dont want to leave all the wires exposed.

I thought about reaching out to "Makes by Mike" who makes awesome wall-mounts for tablets...but i think it would be too expensive to be worth it. There must be a cheap, and visually attractive way to do this kind of thing.

I had a lot of suggestions until you said that. :grinning

I have used a few of these:

hahah it doesnt have to be "PRETTY"....just not a bundle of duct tape!

These looks really cool...but a bit pricey for what they are. I mean $10 for a piece of plastic to cover up my $20 smart switch?

$10 for a 2-pack. Some people have mentioned using bar soap plastic cases.

oh yea, didnt see it was a two pack. Not as bad.

Maybe a 2 gang plastic electrical box or junction box? They are only a couple bucks and come in lots of sizes and styles.


I like this, not sure how i didnt think of it. Can easily put a decent cover on it too with plain vinyl faceplate.

just go to a library with a 3d printer, or buy one

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When it comes to these issues.... a 3D printer is your best friend.

This is the finished product for a temp/humidity/lux sensor in one of the cases I linked.

If I do any more, I like the electrical/junction box suggestion.