Cascading trigger events?

So Im setting up our rules, and Im trying to have the following happen.. But I just can't seem to figure it out.

Jimmy arrives home (His presence is detected) Hubitat notifies his Mom and Dad, then waits. When the door is opened, Google welcomes him home.

I can get it to do all of that, except for the wait for the trigger for the front door to be opened. I don't want a second rule just for the door, I also don't want it to welcome us every time the door is opened.

Any suggestions?

Use the "Wait for events" action in the rule, and don't worry about needing to trigger the rule based on that second event. The "Wait" will create a temporary subscription for you, continuing when that event happens — or get cancelled if the rule gets re-triggered in the meantime.

For example:

Trigger: Presence sensor arrives

Actions to run:

Notify: "X is home!"
Wait for events: Door sensor open
Speak: "Welcome!"

You can get more advanced than this (e.g., adding a timeout on the wait and proceeding only if he is still home — consider what might happens if he stays outside for a while, leaves again before coming inside, and then someone else eventually opens the door). But that's the general idea!


To pile on Robert's example, here is the basic setup in the Hubitat UI:

Then this with a three minute timeout in case Jimmy doesn't come through the door. There's also an IF condition to recheck that Jimmy is still 'present' before making the announcement after the door is opened.

And then a third option for configuration that is a little more concise:

This is great, It wasn't clear about the contact option, I was under the impression that it would contact someone...

I have used option two, it was the easiest to deploy.

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