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I wouldn't call what we do as camping. We have all the amenities of home right down to the Ninja ice cream machine. My daughter went one step further though and had me install a dishwasher in their 43.5' fifth wheel.


I don't have a pre-nup, but I'm pretty sure any attempt at taking her camping would result in divorce. :rofl:

My wife's idea of holiday accommodation is a 3 bedroom villa with all the facilities (not that I mind TBH).


Only divorce? She'd let you off easy, unlike my wife...


Yep we did our share of camping as well.
Now this is my wifes idea of camping. She complains about this all well... ie not own bed, Have to drag cpap along etc.

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This was mine. Wish I still had it, but sold it years ago to help when I was buying a house. 68 Camaro convertible. That's a 350ci, 10.5-1, roller cam, (4) 48IDA downdraft Weber carbs on an Inglese intake. Loved that car.


Our family camping setup is an 18' bunkhouse. Just big enough for our family of 4, with a toilet, air conditioning, and a queen size sleep number to keep mom happy.

And here's how we roll when my son and I (and my daughter starting next year) leave mom at home...

And my solo setup...


That is spectacular!
Chrome alternator is a nice touch.
About 440 HP?

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Thanks. I pretty much redid every inch of the car, including all new stainless brake lines, which was one of the most frustrating projects in my I swapped in a 12 bolt rear (with 4.11s) for the 10 bolt, an M22 Rock Crusher tranny for the power glide it came with, all new interior and convertible top (I paid someone to do the top). The long block was built by Racing Head Service, I did the top of the engine. That intake system likes to breath, so the heads were 2.02 valves and ported/polished, the headers were 1 7/8" primary Super Comp, and the exhaust was a full custom 2.5" duel front to back. That engine was built to rev - 4 bolt main, steel crank, with roller cam, roller tip rockers, heavy double valve springs, magnetic distributer, MSD ignition- supposedly made over 500, but I never dyno'd it. Obviously a multi-year project.


My mom gave me her ‘68 piss yellow Camaro with a black vinyl top after she decided to stop driving. Had a 327 4 barrel Qjet with a Powerglide. Built a 350 turbo with a shift kit at Ranken. Went through several carbs (AFB, Thermoquad) before I settled on a Holley with stupid vacuum secondaries that the secondary throttle would stick at WOT which made for some exciting times with my buddy yanking the accelerator back while flying down the highway. Had a killer stereo (the radio was vertical instead of the standard horizontal) that some thug RIPPED the metal dash apart getting it out. They left the windows down and it rained buckets that night so the interior got soaked. Then a few days later soneone did a hit and run on the passenger door. Ended up selling it for $200.


Camel-hump heads... Mmmm.

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I see your camel humps and raise you angle plugs

Missed this topic.
Time to chime in witrh my summer and winter rides. :rofl:
I guess one is C7 and the other C8; Corvette fans cringe. :blush: