Capturing Hue Scenes

Unable to set Hue scenes in Hue App then capture the scene...
Refreshing bulbs not working.

Pressing refresh does nothing.

How can I capture please the Hue Scenes?

How long do you have to wait? Waiting 10 min now and re-capture keeps capturing the same settings.


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Have you enabled the "Bridge Polling Option" under Options (in the Hue Bridge integration). The HE hub will not be able to save a scene, if it has not polled the Hue to get that scene. Any changes done by the HE Hub, the HE hub know about, but not anything done external to the HE Hub, for example from within the Hue app.

Yes. I have polling set to 1 min. It just is not working for some reason.

Is the HE hub able to control the hue lights via the Hue hub link?

Yes. I currently have the bulbs very low and different colors. I can control the individual bulbs fine, and fast,,, It is just capturing the individual bulb settings incorrectly...

Finally did it after 20 min... why so slow when polling set to 1 min?

But now... while my scene work if I activate it from within HE, How do I get Alexa to discover the scene? Normal discovery method is not adding the scene. What can I be missing?


I dont use Alexa, but if it's the same as Google Home, you first need to select it from within the Alexa app. I presume this is what you mean when you say "the normal discovery method is not adding the scene". Then, in the Google home app, and I presume the Alexa app (not within HE hub, but the Alexa app itself) we then need to "refresh my devices" (this is google terminology). Then it adds all the new goodies.

Translate "refresh my devices" for Alexa, and you should be right.

Yeah, with Alexa it is “Discover My Devices” and/or “Discover Scenes” neither of which is adding my created scene to Alexa....

Maybe I have to wait another 20 min. ha ha. If not working tomorrow, I’ll start another thread. Thanks.

By this, I mean the Alexa app within HE hub. You have to allow the app within HE hub to know about the scene.....then in the Alexa app itself you "discover scene"

I have not been able to make the hue scene work at all. Did u add single bulbs or hue groups. Also when you hit capture did all the settings (level hue and sat) populate like u showed above. When I hit capture none of the settings show.

I added the Hue Integration for both my Bridges. Then Created Scenes in HE and added devices (Select color and color temperature bulbs for scene) from Hue to those scenes. Capturing did not work for me until the next day for some reason. But now, I am able to go into the Hue App, chose a scene for the associated room devices, and it seems to capture fine on the HE. Then I added the scenes to be discovered by the Alexa Integration/HE Amazon Echo Skill as well as added HE Dashboard Buttons to activate each scene. I have noticed that it is better to give the HE time to poll the bulbs before trying to perform a recapture. I have my polling set to 10 seconds.

I actually now prefer this HE Integration method with Alexa to the Hue Skill. Because our home is large with hundreds of devices/bulbs/scenes, It gives me greater control over what shows up in Alexa where as before with the Hue Skill, everything showed up and it was just too much....

Alexa see scenes from the HE as devices though, that is a bit odd, but it works...