Capturing event data?

When a device is properly connected to the hub, it generates events, as seen when clicking the Events Box. Like, motion, contact, temperature, illuminance, etc.

Is there a method to capture all this data to a CSV or TXT file? To give me the ability to analyse the data.

Thank you.

Thank you - that is what I'm looking for,

Got my work cut out.


If you are planning on using a Raspberry Pi, this might help a little bit:

Yes, a few of them. I have a bunch of them in a drawer...


Here's another method.

Well understood. Starting to use Hubitat has made me actually utilize a couple of RPi3 that were just sitting in a storage box along with some Western Digital Pi Drives I had bought, tested, and then really didn't have a need for later.

Depending on what you want to analyze it for here's another option I did. Dumps it into influxdb where you can pull it out, and slice and dice it.

New Hubitat to InfluxDB Bridge via MakerAPI+Node [beta]

If you wish to startup without choosing a database, I did a similar project collecting data to a simple CSV file. It allows me to look at the data in Excel and see what my next step might be. Somethings I'm simply looking for an issue and don't need to plot.

My description is there: DataCollection with NodeRed

Sorry for the possible slight thread necromancy here, but I wrote one for a buddy that writes out to a PostgreSQL DB and is Dockerized if anyone is interested.