Capturing button pressed for Lutron in-wall dimmer

I have successfully integrated my Lutron Caseta Hub with Hubitat and can:

  • Control my Caseta dimmers
  • Follow the state changes of my dimmers.
  • Capture button presses on my picos.

What I can't do is create a rule machine rule that triggers on the pressing of a button on the in-wall dimmer model PD-6WCL-WH.

Following the state changes won't solve my problem as I want to know when "off" has been hit even if the dimmer is already off.

My logs show that an event comes to the Hubitat hub whenever that button is pushed -- see screenshot below.

Is there any way I can trigger a rule-machine event whenever that event arrives?




You would see that same event whether you controlled the Caséta dimmer digitally or physically. So it isn’t really capturing a physical button press.

PD-6WCL-WH is not a button device, but a dimmer. And, since that 'event' does not represent a state change, it doesn't get reported through the hub system. That's odd that it shows 5,1,1.00, because I'd have thought it would send That message means light set to 1.00, which is odd coming from hitting off. But, either way, not really usable.

What does the level say on the device page for that device? What about switch?

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 9.36.46 PM

You are correct -- I copied the wrong event. That event was associated with hitting the top button. When I hit the bottom button, it shows what you expect -- 5,1,0.00.

Is there some way I can create a rule-machine rule that reacts to that event? It would cover an important use-case for me: When I leave the room I want to turn off all of the Lutron devices in that room cecause that in-wall dimmer is on the wall near the exit door...




Only if the dimmer was on to begin with. If it is, you can trigger from it being turned off.

This is what Picos are for!


I installed a Pico on the wall right next to my Lutron Caseta dimmer to handle a similar situation. You don’t have to cut out the drywall. If the location is next to an existing switch or dimmer, you can just install a larger cover plate. It matches nicely and looks good.

The Hubitat will pick up all of the Pico button presses and button holds, so you can have a single Pico control several devices, if you wish. The Pico battery lasts for about 10 years, which is amazing.


Understood. The problem in this situation is that it would require mounting a Pico right next to the in-wall dimmer and would expand the gang of switches from 3 to 4. My wife was not really happy with the aesthetics of that solution.

Understood, and the behavior makes total sense for every other switch and dimmer I have ever owned, as they also report button presses.

In the case of this Lutron Casetta dimmer, it would be helpful to have the option of triggering a rule when that event comes in, even if it hasn't actually resulted in a state change in the light. Perhaps an option in the rule machine trigger that specifies that the trigger should not "filter out" events that report the same dimmer lever that it's already at.

Is this possible?


This is platform level; Rule Machine never sees an event.

There is another solution that some users have employed. Replace the Lutron Dimmer with an embedded micro-dimmer buried in the electrical box, and mount a Pico in front of that. Then, that Pico controls the light and can do other things, with the net outcome you want. The micro dimmers are quite small and will fit in most electrical boxes. The Pico is close to being a surface mount, so it doesn't take any space from inside the box. The raise/lower buttons can be made to work as well, raising and lowering the dimmer level.


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