Capture state of open/closed switch

I have a new NOAA weather radio. It has an external alarm output. This output is essentially an open/closed switch. What device can I use to detect the change of state of that switch? I will use the transition to closed to trigger other actions. Thanks!

One option would be a contact sensor that has external input capability like the Ecolink.

Z-Wave Plus Rare Earth Magnets Door & Window Sensor, White & Brown (DWZWAVE2.5-ECO)

Devices like the Zooz Zen16 and Zen17 multi-relay would also work for this purpose if you prefer to have an external power supply.

I use one of the Ecolink contact sensors that has the screw terminals.


I do something very similar - except using a GoControl contact sensor, which also has screw terminals.

I'd venture to say that the hardware hack linked below works on any contact switch on the shelf.

As an aside: Other than being out-of-range of cell coverage.....with cell phones able to literally buzz crazy with weather alerts these days how might you use this other than to say...lower storm hardened exterior shades over windows? Not challenging the utility of this, just trying to see what I'm missing having been a fan of the NOAA radio info in the distant past.