Capture security keypad events in RM

Has anyone else used used security keypad events as triggers for RM? I use a security keypad to arm/disarm HSM. I have an initial delay in HSM before it arms (exit delay). I want to have other events triggered when I first go to arm the system. If I have events trigger on the arming of the system, they don't happen till the system is fully armed. I

What I would like to do is to trigger events to happen, like turn on the lights and say "alarm armed" when I go to arm the system but, not have the system fully arm till sometime later. If I use the condition in RM of security keypad - armed away. it does not work, however the HSM arms.

The other option I would have is to trigger on the arming of the HSM however, I would need for the alarm not to trigger on any sensor for some additional time after it arms.