Capture/Restore Music Player?

Also cannot use TTS while music is playing. TTS will stop the music, set volume, play TTS message. No restore of previous volume and resume playlist.

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You can get this to work in RM using a Custom Action for now. Select the Sonos player as the device for the custom action, and select command PlayTestAndRestore. It takes a single String parameter, the text you want to speak.

Update: Hmmm, it worked once, but not a second time. Will investigate...

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I played with it for a few minutes from the Sonos device page, and now it's working consistently.

Also, RM already uses PlayTextAndRestore for a music device, so it isn't necessary to use a Custom Action.

That's been doing that for years. I gave up on it, how did you manage to get it to keep working?


At least over 2 that I know of.


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PlayTextAndRestore doesn't work for me or @baldog


Resume Sonos After Speech

It always stays on the TTS, in my case this might be because I use radiostreams and they are 'unknown' when I look at the sonos data.

I came across this HA driver and thought maybe it could help you guys

Sadly the time trying to get this to work vs the cost of some echo dots wins! which is a shame but I tried!!

Thanks for your help

@bravenel any chance of open sourcing some of these drivers? I agree with sentiment in this thread, it hardly works. I have a rule that says "bath time kiddos" but the volume is never restored properly. struggling to get door chime working properly to play on Sonos.

Has this been tested if music is playing on a sonos group of devices? Then when I playTrackAndRestore on a single speaker (door chime) and won't restore the previous state / group of speakers playing music...

This is a known issue, currently we don't support sonos groups.