Capture Light Status

Capture: Living Room Light 3
Flash: Living Room Light 3
Restore: Living Room Light 3 --> delayed: 0:00:05 (cancelable)

All I'm trying to do is flash the light and then return to on or off as it was before entering the routine. So far it flashes the light and then leaves it on.

That should work. Have you verified that the light is reporting the expected status at the time of capture? (If it's reported wrong, Rule Machine will, of course, capture--and restore--it wrong since it doesn't--and can't--know any better.) Any easy way to check is the device page for "Living Room Light 3." Look towards the top for the "Current States" section and find "switch: on" or "switch: off" (the attribute in question) in that list. It should update in real time as the device is turned on or off. While there, you may also want to verify that the commands work as expected in terms of both the device responding in real life and on the device page.

Current states
Level 100
Switch off

After the routine
Level 100
Switch on

Maybe that delay is messing with it.

It shouldn't matter, aside from, of course, making it happen later. That being said, marking it as "cancelable" here does nothing (but should also be harmless) as, unless there is more to your rule, you never cancel it.

I'm not really sure where the cancel thing came from. I'll see if I can get it off of there.

Took off the cancel, no change in action. It helps to know that it should work. Must be something I'm doing that I don't see yet.

OK I've got it working now. Thank you so much for assuring me that it should work the way it was written. That really helped a lot.

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Glad you got it working! Others may find it helpful if you share your solution (and I'm curious what it was too). :smiley:

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It involved a completely separate routine that was running after this routine. There was nothing wrong with this capture and restore. It captured then flashed for 5 seconds, then restored. All good. Nothing to learn here except I need to pay more attention to what I'm doing. Thanks again for your assistance.