Capture Alexa Volume and reset

Hey all,

I use RM to perform announcements via Echo Speaks. Is it possible to capture current Alexa volume (say playing music at 3 or 4), make an announcement at a different volume (say 5) then put the volume back?

The announcement at a specific volume in RM is not the issue, its the capture and put back that I can't get a grasp on

Here is what I am currently doing with one rule

Thanks, Rick

Any ideas here or is it not possible?

I know this is an old thread but I just got my hub yesterday and had the same question as you did. This is how I achieved it but there may be a better way. I created a Global Variable for each of the Echo's in the example. I store the current volume in that variable and then set the "restore" to %OfficeEchoVolume% for example. The setVolumeSpeakAndRestore is the key and you can get the specifics on it here.

The logging steps will be removed but I added them just to follow what was happening.