Can't soft reset. Hub and diagnostic page unreachable. What to try next?

My hubitat has been working fine for many months. Today I noticed that I couldn't reach the dashboard. It is no longer under warranty.

Upon further investigation, it is no longer establishing a valid IP client on my home network when it powers back on. Therefore, I can't get to the diagnostic page at http://[My Hub IP]:8081 either.

I do get a blue led when it powers on.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Thanks for any help.

Nevermind. I paper-clipped the reset button thinking it would hard reset it. Amazingly everything came back up with everything remembered. Not sure why a power reset didn't work.

That reset button on the bottom is not a classic reset. It simply forces the Networking to revert to DHCP and ignores any static IP you may have setup.


@csteele, Thanks, yes I learned that later. I really am still not sure what was going on that caused my hiccup. The network reset was enough to get me past it I guess.

there have been issues where working hubs with static ip address after recent firmware updates stopped working and needed to be reset to dhcp, not sure why but that was probably your issue.

recommend reserving a static ip via your dhcp server settings instead of hard coding on the hub.

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@kahn-hubitat thank you. That sounds exactly like what happened. Thought I was going nuts.

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