Can't set up new hub - bad user interface

Bought a new hub, I'm in Canada

I can't set up the hub as it only accepts numbers for the postal code. I can't even copy and paste my postal code in. So I can not continue.

This seems like a major mistake in basic programming.

You are selling outside the USA yet you only allow USA postal code to be entered... it cost me nearly $300 cad after import fees.

Guys... Pay a student $20 to fix this problem.

Embarrassing and disappointing.

The hub should take other countries post codes?

In what format are you entering a code? Dashes? Spaces?


Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your feedback and suggestion. You can input the postal code without space, for now so you can continue the set up.


When I open the app it forces the keyboard into numbers only mode, I can not switch it allow character entries

I tried pasting the postal code, and the app strips all characters out.

I am using the official hubitat app on android

I setup my hub with the web interface. I don’t have an android device to try it on, but if you have a PC, it should work. The postal code could be entered without spaces, and without stripping the letters that way.


Could you please open the following link in a browser. We will try to replicate the keyboard issue and correct it:

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I was able to replicate the problem and a fix should be released in the next Android Beta version. If you didn't do so already, I recommend signing up for the beta releases:


@ bobbyD

Credit where credit is due brother, thanks for the quick reply and effort to repair the issue

I was able to link to the hub with the web interface, which reflected the same in the app. Although in the app dashboard it is just a white blank screen hah I am making progress.

That being said, it seems like your web interface is good, and you guys are struggling in the mobile app arena. Have you considered porting the web interface to mobile "apps" through cordova / react webview? That way you only have to maintain a single code base. Better yet, make it open source on github. That way i could have just suggested a commit for the postal code issue and you just have to approve the code. Leverage your fan base to bring up your company.

I assume you have a small crew mainly focused on hardware. There is already another guy who pushed out an android app for your hub because I assume he didn't like your software. Collaborate brother, as the software is just the showcase for your great hardware.

Good luck, I think you guys have a lot of potential.


Thanks again for your feedback. We do have a small team, and our efforts have been primarily focused on delivering a local platform that is fast, reliable and private. With never ending opportunities to improve the platform and to offer new features, we never get around to enhance the user interface and the mobile apps. The user experience is an ongoing effort, but doesn't come before platform enhancements, so the interface is often one step behind users' expectations. You'll see that once you get started the possibilities that the platform offers are endless.