Can't set geo fence location on iPhone app

I'm stumped and I am sure I am missing something obvious. I think I have my hub's location set correctly. But, the app on my phone has the geo fence location set out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I can't figure out how to get it to update to the location of the hub.

I've read I just need to move the pin on the iOS app, but I don't see a pin at all, I only see the circle that I can adjust. What am I missing here? I know I will feel dumb when I figure it out.

Go to settings and tap send geo event.
Then go to the map and tap the blue arrow at the top right.

Thank you, but I still seem to be doing something wrong. In the app on the phone, I click on 'Send Geo Event' like you said. I don't see anything happen, it only flashes, so I assume it was sent. I select 'Geofence' and I'm out in the ocean somewhere. I click on the blue 'location" arrow and it does take me to my current location and at the bottom it says 'out of geofence'. I click on the radiaiting blue dot on the map and it says 'my location.' I press and hold the dot and it does nothing. I use the slider at the top to try and change the circumferance of the geofence and it sends me back out to the middle of the Atalantic.

I’ll write up some steps here in a bit on how to fix that. Essentially you need to set your location in the hub, then log out and log back into the app.

  1. Open the app and tap Tools (the adjustable wrench or spanner if you're English) at the bottom.
  2. Tap Find Hubs
  3. Tap on your hub in the list
  4. Tap Location and Modes
  5. Enter your postal code or your Latitude and Longitude coordinates.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and tap Update
  7. Tap Done at the top left of the app.
  8. Tap Settings (the gear) at the bottom right of the app.
  9. Scroll down and tap Logout, then tap OK to confirm Logout.
  10. Login to the app again.

You should have your pin relatively close to your actual location. If not, drag it there, but you should only have to drag the pin a short distance, not from the middle of the ocean!

Yay! It was the log out and log back in step that I wasn't doing. Thank you!

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Thank you, I had the same issue and the log out and log back in was the solution.
Previously when I opened GeoFence in the Hubitat app would always have me at the same other place every time. Touching the GPS/Location arrow in upper right would take me to the correct location where my pin is. Now since Logging out and back in it opens to the current/correct location.