Can't Register Hub

Here are the details of my issue:

  1. I have a C-7 hub (I bought it like a year or more ago but only now setting it up as I am in my new home)

  2. upgraded firmware from to

  3. I can see the hub, the light is green and I can browse to the IP address from my computer (on the same subnet) but the Register Hub option does absolutely nothing.

  4. As a result I can do nothing else because the hub isn't registered.

I have had a Hubitat at my old home and it is still running and working well so I am not a novice to Hubitat but I am stumped.

Check you time/date on the hub and also the location and time zone.


Maybe try a soft reset from the :8081 menu, and see if it works after that?


the reset did the trick but I had to do it a number of times before it worked..thanks