Can't pair Sylvania Smart+ bulbs

I recently moved from Wink to using the Amazon Echo hub. The Echo paired fine with my devices, but was pretty limited in functionality.

So... I bought a Hubitat and started pairing everything with it instead. It was working well, until I got to the Sylvania Smart+ bulbs. Hubitat doesn't discover them, even though I reset the bulbs.

If I run discover again on the Echo Hub it will discover the bulbs again, but Hubitat won't see them no matter how hard I try (yes, they are reset). I've tried turning the Echo hub off, and tried changing the channel in the Zigbee settings. Any ideas?!

I really want to love this new hub, but if it can't connect to bulbs that both Wink and Echo can that's rather disappointing.

Maybe the Echo can be the connected hub, and the Habitat can control them via Echo?


what channel are you using? How far are the bulbs from the hub? Try resetting the bulbs close to the hub and pairing close to the hub.
I have about 8 smart+ bulbs, both the older and newer bulbs. I have noticed the zigbee radio on the Hubitat is not as strong as smarthings or hue or Xiaomi, but the overall functionality is second to none. Bulbs are not a great start to build a mesh, especially the older smart+ bulbs(FCCID of IQHOME)

check this:

There not Bluetooth ones are they?

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I have over 60 Smart+ RGBW bulbs (mostly newer with a couple still left of the older version) and never have had an issue getting them to join. I turn them on and off 5 times, waiting 5 seconds between each power change until they flash red, green, blue, letting me know they are reset.

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Thanks @Rxich. I've tried channel 20 and 26. The bulbs are about 30 feet from the hub, much closer than a few other Zigbee (GE and Sengled) bulbs I have in the house.

I'll try getting the Hubitat closer for pairing - as it's tied to Ethernet I can't do that easily.

@Ken_Fraleigh - yeah, I haven't had any issues resetting the bulbs. They will re-pair with my Echo hub without a problem. It's just the Hubitat that will never discover them.

cool, just know 26 has the lowest power as specified by the FCC. I'm, on 25 and it's been great.
you could use a lamp to get the bulbs close to the hub. Then build your mesh in a spoke fashion from the hub center out to the furthest bulb.
Good Luck my friend

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I would try cutting power to the GE bulbs and seeing if the Sylvania bulbs will pair. I’ve had this happen with other devices not pairing due to bad repeaters. I’ve had these bulbs on a variety of channels (not 26) and 25 is where they currently reside. Adding a couple Samsung plugs might solve the problem. Mine will repeat for 8 devices each from what I see in the zigbee info.

You have to turn the wink hub and echo hub off. I was having a hell of a time getting the Osram bulbs to pair until I turned all the other hubs off.

Have you tried rebooting the hub and then trying to pair? The other zigbee hubs should not make a difference since they are not in pairing mode constantly.

Thanks guys!

I finally got it working by getting the hub really close (a few feet) to the lights when pairing. After that I could move much farther away and they continued to work (I did end up buying a couple ikea relays though).

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