Can't pair Sengled contact sensor

Hi, I can't seem to pair the Sengled contact sensors. They're listed as compatible and a few other folks here have had no trouble so I'm wondering if anyone else has had an issue. I'm a foot away from the hub.

*Edit: I'm able to get it paired to my upstairs hub, but not the downstairs one. Trying a reboot.

Okay, does anyone know why I can pair these to one hub, but not another? It pairs instantly with hub #1 but nothing with hub #2. Same C4 hubs. I've tried changing the zigbee channels around, and I've reset the sensor.

I would guess wifi interference maybe. Best thing to do is pair the sensor very close to the hub and turn Zigbee off on the other hub.
One other thing to try is turn the channel to the same one that paired the sensor previously. Carry out the pairing process above.

Thanks - had to disable the other hub radios. #multihubproblems

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