Can't pair Cree bulbs to Hubitat or Hue bridge

Thanks, I'll know soon, I guess. They are arriving in a day or teo: )

Sengled Zigbee bulbs cannot be paired to a Hue Bridge. Don’t even waste your time trying. :wink:

They do work very well directly paired to Hubitat, assuming you have some decent Zigbee repeaters throughout your house.

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I've tried pairing the cree again.
I reset the bulb, turned off the wink hubs and, still, neither the hue app nor the hubitat can detect the bulb.

Any other suggestions?

Are you sure the Cree bulb is properly reset? Does it block/flash at the end of the on/off reset procedure?

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Here is the reset procedure from the Cree site

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Cree is super sensitive to an exact one and two second pause. I've had perform the reset dozens of times before I got the pattern right and the light would blink to confirm.

Thanks,. The only problem that I don't seem to have with the crees is getting them to blink. I built a resetting jig with a socket and a horizontally mounted decora rocker switch. it's super eay to get the sequence right.

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Yes, I'm sure

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If you decide to look at a different bulb, these zigbee 3.0 rgbw bulbs work great with Hubitat. They are good repeaters and do not destabilize the zigbee mesh (unlike Cree bulbs), They work with the built-in Generic Zigbee RGBW Light driver

A 2-pack is about $25. Also, the color reproduction is excellent. And CT can vary from 2750-6500K.

Thanks. I'll check them out


I bought these and got them to pair quickly -- but can't get any colors. Am I missing something in the set up? I tried Set Color and Set Hue with a variety of inputs and got nothing.

Do you have zigbee sensors on your mesh?

Yes a few, but i am under 20 devices.

BTW i did get colors to work but now when i turn them off they go to 10% but not off.

Well the issue isn't about how many devices. Cree bulbs are ZLL 1.2 Zigbee bulbs and Sensors are ZHA Zigbee. ZLL make really bad repeaters/messengers. Because of that it can cause severe mesh issues. It is always recommended to put ZLL bulbs on their on hub using either a Hue Bridge or another Hubitat isolating them to their own mesh. The exception to this are Sengled bulbs (they don't repeat) or zigbee 3.0 bulbs.


I my pay the extra $5 and go Sengled to avoid issues.


In that case I would recommend Lifx bulbs. Superior color and brightness and natively supported by hubitat. Or any zigbee 3.0 bulbs (they repeat properly) With sengled you will need to have some repeaters in your mesh

Until the fixture they're in gets turned off, and then they make poor repeaters :slight_smile: